Revealed: Here Is What You Did Not Know About Mayur Patil On Transforming Social Growth For Global Media Brand

Companies today have the challenge of growing their following on social media. With so much information online, business leaders wonder about finding the right way to build a social media following. 

Mayur Patil is an entrepreneur with a passion for tech and media. When 10PM Curfew, a cross-platform female’s network by Bella Thorne, was founded in December 2019, Mayur took the lead of growth and managed to grow the largest TikToks in fashion/beauty and for women’s entertainment. Mayur says that one of the mistakes that global media brands are making is that they stay stuck on one social media platform. He says that companies should pursue growth across all social media platforms to expand their potential. 

Mayur also revealed specific strategies to transform social growth for a global media brand. 

Transforming Growth 

Achieving growth for a global social media brand requires careful planning and strategy. For starters, management needs to think about their brand and the strategy that will best suit them. The first basics entail prioritizing growth across all social media platforms. Building a profile across all social media platforms opens up the company to a whole new audience range. Building this profile is cost-effective as you can create a profile on every social media platform for free. However, if you choose to leverage paid advertising on the platforms, ensure that you start small. 

Once the enterprise identifies the right channels for their marketing, the next task is to focus on the content. A company shouldn’t just upload any content that they feel will appeal to their audience. Instead, the business needs to conduct a competitors’ analysis and audience research to figure out what works and what does not. You can research your audience by compiling data on your existing customers. This data will help you understand who wants to buy from you and why. Moreover, understanding your customers’ pain points will help you create content that is more engaging and relevant. 

The use of influencers can help you transform your social media growth. The use of influencers i.e., influencer marketing, has significantly increased over the years. But what is influencer marketing? This is a marketing tactic in which business partners with an influencer to increase their brand awareness across social media. Influencers are an easy way to provide social proof and build trust among your target audience. 17% of companies have spent their marketing budget on this strategy. Studies also show that 89% of marketers admit that their ROI improved due to the use of influencer marketing. 

Relevant Content 

Content is king when it comes to social media growth. However, one of the biggest challenges that firms face is creating compelling visual content daily. One-third of marketers struggle with creating visual content on a day-to-day basis. However, companies can overcome this hurdle by building content themes. The themes make it easier for a business to cover various relevant content throughout the year. The themes can vary depending on the latest trends, holidays, and other relevant events. Alternatively, a business can come up with content relevant to them and use the themes to create a content calendar. 

Timeliness is important when it comes to content. Each social media platform has its best times to post and engage with the audience. An enterprise needs to set its uploading time around the ‘best times to engage.’ 

A bit of bio: Mayur 

Mayur is a 21-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for tech and media. He is an expert in growing social audiences; for instance, he has grown over 15 million followers and has built the largest and most engaged women’s network on TikTok. Mayur has achieved big success in women’s media. He has helped his clients grow their TikTok following to over 11.2M followers each in 5 months. Mayur drove over 150k followers to @style and @girls on Instagram in one week. He also built an SMS line to over 172K contacts within one month. He recently left the 10PM Curfew and now works at Bustle Digital Group, where he leads growth and strategy across TikTok for all of its brands.

Mayur believes that global media brands should be focussed on acquisitions and growth across current and new platforms. 

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