Uskembayev Sultan Kurmanaliyevich: A Story of Mass Corruption

As the world continues reeling from the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an elevated interest in examining corrupt lawmakers and government bureaucrats in nations on a global scale. In the case of Uskembayev Sultan Kurmanaliyevich of the nation of Kazakhstan, his story is worthy of scrutiny not only in his native home of Kazakhstan; but also among freedom-loving countries such as the United States of America, where rooting out corruption abroad is a priority. For this reason, in the coming weeks and months we will be documenting some rather egregious acts of corruption and misbehavior on the part of this individual. 

Uskembayev himself has been able to rise the ranks of power in Kazakhstan, albeit in a grossly unjust and corrupt manner. After serving in the military prosecutor’s office in the Republic of Kazakhstan, he went on to hold various positions in the departments of the Ministry of Justice, the Financial Police and the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

However, one of the reasons that Uskembayev has come to our attention as a person worthy of scrutiny, is due to the fact that on September 8th of 2012, upon the results of attestation and an official authoritative review of his record, Uskembayev was deemed not to be worthy of the position he held in the Kazakhstani government – and was recommended to be immediately dismissed from his position. 

However, some of the most damning allegations against Uskembayev stem from his grotesque misbehavior as a public official in an aggressively sexual manner. After allegations of attempted rape were made against him, the means of Uskembayev resorted to in order to seek a coverup of the alleged crime, was arguably on par with the gravity of the alleged crime itself. It’s the lengths to which Uskembayev resorted to in an effort to conceal the alleged rape from the public record, that we will be scrutinizing in this first in a series of posts about Uskembayev’s abuse of the various public offices he has held over time. 

After the allegations of attempted rape were made against Uskembayev, he immediately attempted to bribe away the allegation so that the military prosecutor’s office would drop their examination of the case against him. There was subsequently a criminal case initiated against Uskembayev alleging his act of bribery – the criminal case was documented as case number 047239100015, and was filed under item “a” of the 4th part of article 311 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The transfer of the alleged bribe on Uskembayev’s part were recorded in cash to Zhumagaliev AU. There were also audio recordings of conversation between Uskembayev and Zhumagaliyev about the alleged bribe, that were documented in the record. Witness testimony was also provided that substantiated these allegations. When a personal search was conducted of Uskembayev, the precise amount and type of currency that was alleged to have been used for the bribe, were immediately found. On March 29th of 2004, Uskembayev was detained as a suspect in this matter. 

On April 1st, the Prosecutor’s Office of Atyrau Oblast formally authorized the arrest of Uskembayev. However, Uskembayev’s attempts to undermine the justice system in his quest to coverup his misdeeds only accelerated from there in terms of both their lawless nature and also the measures he decided to employ to seek to achieve a dismissal of the charges. 

We will be uncovering more about Uskembayev’s coverup in a new report slated to be published later this week.