Best Small Business Tips of 2022

Are you looking for ways to improve your small business? The fact is: if you want to stay competitive and profitable in today’s fast-moving world, you need to embrace change. Here are five ways that you can evolve your small business to thrive in the future!  

Invest in Content Marketing.

If you’re selling a product online, do you really need articles and videos to generate transactions? You sure do! Many businesses, especially smaller ones, believe that the heyday of blogging is long past, or that other forms of marketing are more likely to produce results. The truth is that content marketing remains a fantastic strategy to draw attention (and customers) to your online store by improving your search engine rankings.  

When you consistently publish new content, especially posts that are search engine optimized, Google notices, and makes it easier for your online store to rank naturally. You can find a great example of content marketing at ecommerce store Lash Professionals, who post keyword-heavy blogs on their products and related topics to boost their search rankings. 

Choose a printer who can offer a custom web-to-print portal. 

Are you always printing things for your business? Forget emailing the printer back and forth: places like the Print Authority will design outstanding custom web-to-print portals that provide easy ordering, printing, and shipping to businesses nationwide! 

Using a custom digital print portal for Commercial Printing offers several other advantages, too, particularly if you have more than one location. With a web-to-port portal, you can ensure that your franchisees, distributors, salespeople, and other users have access to the latest marketing collateral, signage. 

Partner with a recruitment agency to build your perfect team. 

When you’re a busy small business owner, human resources is often the area with the least amount of time and funds available – if it even exists! When owners must undertake the full hiring process, productivity naturally goes down. In addition, many managers don’t understand how to successfully recruit, which means the process can take months, and the person hired might not even be right for the job! 

That’s why an ideal solution to open positions is to hire a recruiter on a temporary basis. Some recruiters even specialize in specific industries. For example, TruPath provides top caliber talent for key positions in the manufacturing and the semiconductor industry, with over 15,000 successful placements. 

Develop smarter COVID-19 testing protocols to maintain operations.

COVID-19 has changed the world, but the world hasn’t stopped moving because of it! That’s why smart small businesses should have a standard operating procedure in place for COVID testing to ensure productivity. Rather than relying on employees to set choose their testing locations and forward results, consider partnering with a designated testing service to centralize records. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, TravelBug has performed over 10,000 antigen and PCR tests for symptomatic patients. With mobile, concierge, and on-location testing options, they deliver the fastest test results in the industry. Establish with their clinic and your small business will have a resource for life!

Offer concierge services to customers as much as possible. 

Simply put, concierge services help businesses grow through the power of personalized attention.  Opportunities for human interaction make a big difference in today’s digital-focused world, and a concierge service can help small businesses increase customer retention, reduce costs, and generate new leads. 

Not sure how you can apply it to your business? Take inspiration from an example like College Athlete Advantage! When it comes to college athlete recruitment and placement, it would be easy to keep it all about statistics, impersonal guidance, and multiple points of contact. Before a player gets accepted into their national program, CAA sits down with the athlete and their family to start their concierge service. Then, that advisor is the sole point of contact who works with the athlete and family from initial screening to finally stepping onto a campus, with unlimited access to consulting.  

Operating a small business is all about evolution to keep moving forward. By applying these helpful tips, take the first step to bringing your company to the next level!

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