The Basics Of Altium Capital Management And Founder Jacob Gottlieb

The Basics Of Altium Capital Management And Founder Jacob Gottlieb

Altium Capital Management, founded in July 2018 by the longtime entrepreneur Jacob Gottlieb, recently published a report that indicated nothing but positive financial outcomes. One of Altium’s holdings, Altium Growth Fund, LP, grew a whopping 6.7 percent since it was created in July 2018.

The company calculated the growth rate based on its first six months of operation, a period that ended on Dec. 31, 2018.

Altium has done well for itself since its foundation roughly three-quarters of a year ago. Under the guidance of seasoned investor Jacob Gottlieb, Altium Capital Management has done nothing but grow on a consistent basis since its incorporation in July 2018. Very few companies involved in the world of finance are able to claim positive growth since July 2018. Take, for example, the fact that the Standard & Poor 500 stock index, which monitors the performance of the top 500 United States companies that are traded publicly on financial exchanges, finished with a loss of 7.3 percent for the latter six months of 2018.

The S&P 500 isn’t the only stock index that experienced losses in 2018. The Nasdaq Biotech ETF IBB, composed of the biotechnology industry’s 225 top performers, dropped 9.2 percent from July 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018.

Further, the SPDR S&P Biotech EFT XBI, which assesses how well 120 companies in the biotech field perform, dropped a whopping 24.8 percent in market value in just six months.

What Is Altium Capital Management, LP?

Headquartered in New York City, Altium Capital Management, LP is an investment firm – specifically a venture capital firm that is oriented toward businesses in the field of healthcare.

Primarily, Altium Capital Management places growth investments into mid-sized companies around the world. In a close battle for second place, Gottlieb’s venture capital firm is also deeply involved in the trade of small-cap equity instruments. Lastly, Altium deals in the trade of products that are linked to equities.

How Does Altium Capital Management’s Investing Process Look Like?

First off, Altium’s team of business and market researchers dig deep into companies across both the small- and mid-cap sectors. Its financial experts seek out inefficiencies related to pricing, which are utilized in a way that allows Altium to gain a discount on the purchase price of businesses within the small- and mid-cap markets.

Altium then puts its alternative investment number-crunchers to work by mixing together intelligent exposure hedging with a variety of buys made on both short- and long-run positions of businesses the company wants to invest in.

Who Is Jacob Gottlieb?

Mr. Gottlieb – he can technically ask to be called Dr. Gottlieb if he so chooses – is a graduate of New York University Medical School. While working at his residency placement, Gottlieb had an epiphany and realized he wasn’t interested in practicing medicine.

Jacob Gottlieb was able to fall back on a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brown University, where he graduated with the distinction of magna cum laude. After leaving the residency placement, he immediately began studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. A few months later, Gottlieb garnered a CFA charter from the CFA Institute in 2001. He also ponied up more time, effort, and money to hang the designation of Professional Risk Manager behind his already-impressive pair of distinctions.

Jacob is best known for creating Visium Asset Management in Nov. 2005. He left the company in 2018, took a few months to gather the plans for creating Altium Capital Management, and founded the investment firm in July 2018. Gottlieb genuinely enjoys working in the healthcare sector from the business side of operations.