3 Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Makes When Creating a Personal Blog

Creating a personal blog can be a wonderful way to share your stories with the world. Whether you are angling to develop a business or you simply want to interface with your readers, you can make your blog fit your exact needs. As shown in this personal blog, you can take your writing in any direction so long as it is something that interests you and is familiar to your audience.

While developing a personal blog may sound easy as we have outlined it, there are many mistakes that newcomers must avoid. It only takes a couple of mistakes to send your subscribers running before they can smash the ‘follow’ button. Listed below, you’ll find three blogging mistakes that every beginner makes when developing their personal blog.

Mistake #1 – Writing Without Purpose

When you post content to your personal blog, you should make sure that you have the desired outcome in place. Writing without purpose is one of the most dangerous practices that a blogger can get into the habit of following. When you don’t have any specific message in mind, your audience will quickly glaze over your content.

Solution: Pick a key topic, theme, or message before beginning your next blog. Take a moment to foster content ideas around this key concept before you begin writing.

Mistake #2 – Inconsistent Release Schedule

Human beings are by and large creatures of habit. When you develop a consistent content release schedule, your fans and readers are going to notice. Being able to predictably find new content on your blog will grant your readership both trust and satisfaction with your work. When you post inconsistently to your blog, it is hard to develop a firm readership. After all, your readers will never know how long you are going to go without updating your blog.

Solution: Create a consistent release schedule that you can stick to. Don’t overburden yourself with too much content, but make sure that your readers know when your next release is scheduled. A great way to avoid problems in this area is to pre-write several pieces of content while scheduling them to publish automatically.

Mistake #3 – Too Much Monetization

If you are getting into the blogging venture to raise money, there are many different paths that you can take. From affiliate marketing and paid guest posting to AdSense and branded posts, you have a proverbial world of money-making ventures at your fingertips. With that being said, new bloggers should refrain from maximizing their monetization avenues, at least at the beginning. Overloading your blog with monetization gimmicks at the outset can leave your readers feeling disinterested and used. There is a balance that must be acknowledged and respected throughout the monetization process.

Solution: Ease your way into an effective monetization technique without being overbearing. Minimizing affiliated links or even disclaiming sponsored posts can go a long way toward building trust with your audience. When your audience begins to trust you, show them the products and sponsored posts that you personally believe in.