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3 Remote Tools That Can Simplify Work During the Pandemic

Companies are working hard to operate efficiently while working remotely during the pandemic, but this can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the correct tools. 

Understanding what tools are available to simplify your work processes during the pandemic is key to ensuring you can maintain productivity and efficiency. In this article, we’re going to be looking at three of the remote tools that you can use to help simplify your work operations during the pandemic.


There are plenty of technology tools that you can use to help your business work remotely and onsite. However, you might be worried about compromising the security of your valuable business data.

This is a huge concern right now, seeing as cybercrime has been steadily rising since coronavirus hit, making businesses more vulnerable than ever. However, there are solutions to ensuring your employees have secure data access, such as a VPN or Virtual Private Network. 

This tool is excellent for any business that relies on in-house servers to securely store data. Using a VPN will allow onsite and remote workers to connect to in-house servers while data remains encrypted and safe from unauthorized users.

Remote Background Checks

As any savvy business person will tell you, t’s important that you verify job candidates’ background information before jumping the gun to hire them. There is hardly ever a case where hiring someone who doesn’t have the proper credentials or qualifications won’t negatively impact your company in some way. 

For this reason, it’s imperative that even when hiring remotely, you still conduct remote background checks so that you can be sure everyone who works for you is an asset, rather than a threat. This tool alone can save your business hundreds of dollars in lost onboarding, training, and hiring fees only to realize the candidate you hired isn’t qualified.

Team Collaboration Software 

Finally, as your team deals with new working conditions such as remote work, team collaboration software is a must. Platforms such as Yalla, Trello and Asana are going to be helpful to your business by providing you with a way to keep everyone in contact with one another while also keeping their daily tasks organized.

Your employees will also be able to easily contact you regarding their needs, as you may not be able to predict the challenges they will face during remote work. Using software like this is the best way that you can address needs efficiently while also keeping your employees accountable.

As you learn more about these three remote tools that can simplify your work processes during the pandemic, we hope your business can take full advantage of them and come out of the pandemic more successful than ever.