5 Little Tricks to Make Yourself More Productive

If you are like most people, you experienced a day where you worked tirelessly yet accomplished less than you did on a shorter shift. There are several explanations for this phenomenon. 

As diligent as we are about our careers, most of us focus so exclusively on task completion that we don’t recognize we are stifling productivity. 

Thankfully, there are simple methods to check more tasks off your daily to-do list. 

1. Take Breaks

One of the most overlooked and undervalued methods involves taking breaks, which provide much-needed relief to the brain. 

When humans focus on completion-based tasks, they utilize the prefrontal cortex. It keeps them focused, encourages decision making and reasoning skills, and motivates them. When the prefrontal cortex is overworked, these functions weaken. 

Production comes to a stuttering halt. 

Taking breaks allows other regions of the brain to take the lead, allowing functions of the prefrontal cortex some relief. 

Breaks also encourage better physical and mental wellness

2. Declutter

Another useful tactic to increase production is to declutter your office space

Clutter interacts with your brain, making it work harder than it needs to in order to remain focused on the task at hand. Studies indicate individuals with cluttered office spaces frequently experience more stress than their organized counterparts. 

To declutter, file paperwork and put it away from the desk. Keep only items that are necessary to complete your work nearby and provide “homes” for all the rest. 

3. Enjoy Colors

Colors inspire creativity and motivation. Many of the hues business choose to include in office spaces, such as beige and gray, instead encourage depression. 

If you want to boost efficiency, paint your workspace with natural colors. Blue and green especially mimic the outside world to increase focus and overall happiness. However, if you want smooth and perfectly finished paint, hire an industrial painting contractor to assist you.

Avoid high-wavelength colors, namely red, which can induce stress and anxiety. 

4. Add Plants

Even those who don’t have a green thumb can benefit from the advantages plants offer. Flowers, plants, and trees provide oxygen-rich environments and reduce stress levels. 

The natural elements minimize chemicals in the brain that evoke anxiety, encouraging a happier mood and, thus, a better workday.  

5. Break Up the Day

Doug Zanes, the founder of Zanes Law, has another approach. “Allocating parts of the day to varying types of tasks elevates my mood and focus,” he claims.

His method is an effective one: by working on very different projects throughout the day, we inevitably require different regions of the brain to work. The result is that no one part becomes overloaded. Instead, individuals who use this approach remain focused and optimistic. 

Spend time on personal activities, hobbies, creative endeavors, and professional duties throughout the day to get the most from your work hours. 

More Work and Better Lifestyles

A healthier lifestyle is the best way to increase production at work. By taking regular breaks, maintaining a balance throughout the day, staying organized, and bringing the outdoors inside, we can enjoy our workday without feeling overwhelmed.