9 Best Holiday Party Ideas for Work

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means planning holiday parties is in order! Get into the holiday spirit with these nine holiday party ideas for work. We share top ideas to bring your employees together for some festive fun. Read on for unique holiday celebration activities for your workplace and even a soft play area with the help of softplaymanufacturers.co.uk for the kids.

There are plenty of different ways to host corporate holiday parties to bring spirit and cheer to your workplace. We’ve got a few tips, tricks, and ideas to help you plan your next office get-together:

1. Host Secret Santa

The lash artists at The Lash & Sugar Company in Scottsdale, Arizona take part in a company Secret Santa party every year. They each fill out a profile of their favorite things such as food, drinks, clothing stores, and more to distribute to their co-workers. Then when everyone draws names for the gift exchange, they have a profile of things their person likes to help them come up with a great gift idea. Be sure to set a budget that all participants should adhere to so gifts are all up to the same standards.

2. Have an Ugly Sweater Party

An ugly sweater party is an awesome workplace tradition that the recruiters at On Time Talent Solutions do to spread holiday cheer and share a good laugh. Have employees come to the company holiday party in their best ugly sweaters. You can even have a vote on the best sweaters and give out gift cards to the winners. This is a great way to promote employee participation by incentivizing wearing an ugly sweater or other holiday accessories.

3. Happy Hours Never Fail

A holiday happy hour is always a fun activity for employees to participate in. Pick a great venue for your happy hour and consider sprucing up the place with holiday decor. It’s a bonus if the bartenders can make a signature holiday-themed cocktail for your employees to enjoy. Happy hours foster communication between co-workers and help them get to know each other on a personal level. 

Moreover, the importance of skilled bartenders in creating a memorable night cannot be overstated. It’s not just about the drinks; it’s the entire experience, the stories behind each cocktail, and the artistry in their preparation. That’s precisely what makes visiting a top-tier cocktail establishment in Bristol an exceptional experience. This combination of skill, ambiance, and creativity is what sets a great bar apart.

4. Play Rob Your Neighbor

At Qwick, a hospitality staffing company, employees get to play games at their holiday parties. One great holiday party idea Qwick shared is playing Rob Your Neighbor. Rob Your Neighbor is a gift exchange game where everyone brings one gift and places it in the center. Then, people take turns picking a gift from the center or robbing a gift from another person. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

5. Make Gingerbread Houses

Another fun company holiday party idea is to make gingerbread houses and decorate them with icing and candy. Your company can purchase gingerbread house kits for employees to use during the office holiday party. Turning it into a competition or splitting employees into small teams can be a super fun way to raise the stakes. This may become your employees’ new favorite holiday tradition. 

6. Have a Holiday Movie Night

Instead of having a typical office party, host a holiday-themed movie night. Rent out a movie theater if you get the chance and have employees vote in advance on what holiday movie they want to be played. Complete the night with popcorn and hot chocolate for a full movie night experience. 

7. Play Holiday Bingo

Playing holiday bingo is a fun way for remote teams to bond virtually and take part in a group activity. Send out holiday-themed bingo cards in the mail to your employees to make it more interactive than playing on a virtual card. Have prizes for winners such as gift cards or an extra day of PTO for the holidays. 

8. Host a Virtual Holiday Trivia

The team at Preciate, a virtual meeting platform is no stranger to virtual holiday parties. One idea they recommend for remote or hybrid teams is a trivia session. Some fun themes for the virtual trivia include holiday movies, holiday music, or traditions from around the world. Split into breakout rooms and have each team come up with their answers to see who will be crowned the winner.

9. Share Holiday Traditions

Our last virtual holiday party idea is to share holiday traditions with your team. Employees are bound to have at least one unique or funny holiday tradition. Some people may always wrap presents at midnight for their children. Others might go ice skating on New Year’s Eve. Whatever the tradition, this conversation starter is perfect for bringing colleagues together to learn about each other.

We hope you gained some great new ideas for your next holiday party. Don’t forget to prepare food and drinks for everyone. You may serve kaiser rolls paired with milk or coffee are the best combination if your party is scheduled in the morning. Whatever you choose to do for your team, make sure to put a holiday twist on it!