Becoming Your Own Career Coach

Becoming Your Own Career Coach

Many of the most successful people in the world have relied on others to achieve greatness. Unfortunately, not everyone has a role model to look up to.

Jonathan Osler, an educator, believes that people can train themselves for greatness. These are some of the ways to become a personal career coach.


It’s not common for someone to be a master at everything in a workplace. Professionals need to understand their strengths.

For example, someone might be an expert at data entry but not at public speaking. That person should be exclusively working on data entry, not wasting any of their time.

Workers should also be able to reflect on the level of their strengths. This self-reflection can help increase the skill and productivity of a worker.


A successful person needs to know what they are working towards. Writing down every personal goal is a way to do this.

Workers need to then track their goals based on a timeline, making a good estimate based on hard work. From there, workers can reflect on how they were able to reach a goal in time or find out how they can fix their mistakes.


No matter how skilled someone might be, they can also be comparing their success and failures to someone else. This can make someone feel like they are unworthy of their position in life.

To get rid of this negative feeling, people should think about limiting the amount of time they are spending on social media daily. It’s also a good idea to create notes of what to be grateful for and what was accomplished for the day, giving the feeling of positive progression.

As time passes, you might be able to make comparisons more positively. You can learn from others around you and do what they have done so that you can match their success.


A well-adjusted person should always have friends in their life. These should be people that consider someone’s mindset and give them considerable advice on what to do in the future.

For example, one friend might be working in the tech industry while the other works in the media industry. These friends can start talking about unique advice they have learned that might be useful for the other person. Friends can also be good at making someone feel like they aren’t alone in their feelings.


At a young age, a worker should always be focusing on their goals so that they can further their career. The problem is that many workers can end up getting exhausted very quickly, affecting their work without even knowing about it.
Jonathan Osler believes that workers need to incorporate relaxation in their schedules. This should be some time at the end of a workday or weekend where people can do other things without having to think about work. Workers should also be using all of their paid time off to make regular vacations, helping them take a break from a regular workweek.