Best Occupations for Working Remotely

Joining the Great- Resignation. The Best Occupations for Working Remotely.

Following twelve months of remote working for thousands of office workers, many rethink their commute and set hours assigned by supervisors and other executive-level professionals.

Andrew Napolitano highlights that the attraction for workers to continue home-based employment lies with the flexibility offered to work around children, aging parents, and other family needs.

As the pandemic continues and employers rethink how they wish to work, the following remote occupations offer a great starting point.

Customer Support

Many customer support professionals enjoyed pre-pandemic work from home conditions. A desire to help solve people’s problems in situations ranging from technical support to finding the right products and services in industries like insurance or banking demands a dedicated customer support team.

Go Virtual

Virtual assistants, such as those from a reputable Virtual Assistants Agency, help with a wide range of tasks, including administration, content writing, and graphic design; in fact, just about anything a company or even another freelancer may need.

The best virtual assistants focus on the tasks where they are proficient. For example, suppose writing or design tasks were an enjoyable aspect of previous employment. In that case, it may be possible to find opportunities to assist others whose strengths lie in other professional areas. Some of these tasks may involve one-off projects or more long-term proposals. The key is building a solid reputation through on-time delivery and excellent service.


Remote grant managers or writers may work for one non-profit or several depending on the demands or scope of the grants being managed or written.

Grant managers often specialize in a particular type of grant, for example, education or medical funding proposals. A background in healthcare management offers excellent background knowledge when making a case for a grant-funded project. Former teachers understand the needs of children with diverse backgrounds and needs. A special education teacher, for example, understands the specific needs and equipment needed by autistic children in the classroom, making someone with classroom experience a valuable asset for a grant proposal addressing that particular need.


Every freelancer and business owner needs a website. Without it, businesses or freelancing professionals may lose credibility. Someone with experience building and supporting their website can often find a wide variety of work. With abundant opportunities available, web designers with an understanding of SEO can extend web building services to creating search engine visibility.


The technological field is vast; therefore, it might be worth casting about to see if a current position can function at home with the proper computer support. If you want to enroll in a course related to technology and more, click check it out.

The increasingly important role of cyber technology, for example, is in massive demand for the right, qualified professionals. Labor statistics show that the need for experienced cybersecurity workers will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

When considering a work-from-home position outside any current employment, Andrew Napolitano suggests considering work that is a joy to perform and can genuinely fit around non-work commitments. Increasing marketable skills and competitiveness by expanding knowledge can also be advantageous.

New opportunities continue to present as more professionals and workers rethink their work-life balance, taking advantage of working when and how they choose.