Business Books Everyone Should Read  

Must reads for any business

Shalom Lamm CEO of Operation Benjamin (non profit), President/ Board Chairman for Camp Morasha (outdoor summer camp for Jewish youth). Also a well established real estate investment mentor. Who holds ownership in multiple businesses, returned to academia to achieve masters in US Military history (with no interest in going further in it) he completed it. Shalom Lamm found the history extremely fascinating. Having ties to Jewish community, Operation Benjamin was born. Made for those Jewish soldiers who paid the price to fight in World War II. Lamm built the team from a global standpoint that ensured inclusity. Making digital reach interesting and incorporating it into Operation Benjamin.

Being one of the top influences, many people ask for advice for business. Whether it’s for tips , tricks or advice on certain subjects. Lamm recommends to the community and others a specific book. “The Go Giver: A little story about a powerful business idea.” No matter what work you’re in, this book will help motivate a person to want, achieve anything and everything.

The book has many great reviews. Being a positive book with a powerful idea, sending an excellent message in a story form. This book talks about a young man who wants to be successful. The main character is Joe, he explains and shows that even though he works hard and effortlessly, he feels that his goals keep getting further away. He is desperate like any other person to achieve his goals. He seeks advice from a well known person.

In doing so he is shown different ways of seeing his achievements. Ultimately learning key focuses and putting others interests first. The Go Giver is a great read for business and non. It has the potential to change your life and your views. It may be a small book but a powerfully loaded one.

As recommended from Lamm, the book shows a lot of values. As in an open appreciation for one’s team. Making sure your team knows how much you admire/enjoy their hard work. Believing in your capabilities. Don’t restrain yourself, have no limits. Be open to any ideas , never shut anything out. All members of your team are equal. You want to establish a good culture with companies.

Remember to always make time for family and treat your team as one. It’s important to have one another’s back at certain times of failure. Everyone makes wrong decisions from time to time. Comebacks are extremely important. Having a certain understanding of what happened, can even improve leadership skills.

A strategy that can help any business grow is having a great social media presence. You can elaborate on your business or ideas. Expand your ideas, get points across. There are always endless opportunities to invite/welcome innovative ideas to the table.
As Shalom Lamm continues to help others and explain tips (etc.) keep in mind the key learnings from him. Appreciate your team. Expand your ideas. Skies the limit. Believe in your capabilities (etc.).