Business Casual for Men – How to Look Stylish at Work

When it comes to work attire, the term “business casuals” strikes fear into the hearts of even the bold. The reason behind this fear is simple; it’s because a lot of people don’t know what dressing business casual is. 

When it comes to business casual dress, there can be a lot of leeways. Today I am going to take a look at what business casual could mean to you, and how you can obtain the look.

What Does Business Casual Mean

In the simplest of forms, business-casual is pretty much dressing down from your regular business attire. If you would generally wear a suit, it’s a way of dressing down, while still looking as sharp as possible. Sites like offer free fashion advice to men.

The general idea behind the business casual look is to give you an approachable, less formal look while still being accessible, comfortable and suitable. While dressing business casual, you should aim to be well-groomed and have a neat appearance. 

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The Essentials Of Business Casuals

Dress Shirts or Polo Shirts

A dress of polo shirt is the best way to kick off your business casual outfit. You should always aim for traditional colours and never step too far outside of the box. Remember, you are aiming for business casual, not the business jester. 

You should also consider adding clothing with subtle patterns to your choice of attire just like this flock t-shirt printing design. When I say subtle patterns, do not go straight past pinstripe to Hawaiian, this will not go down well at all; you may cause offence and headaches.

The final thing that I will mention here is how to wear a shirt. Tuck the shirt in, there is no place where an untucked shirt is acceptable, especially at work. The top two buttons should also be left undone; this helps with comfort and breathability.


While some people say jeans are a no-go when it comes to business casual, I say the opposite. Dark, well fitted and smart jeans should always have a place in business. 

The most important thing though is the fit of the trouser. No matter what the trousers are, they should be crease-free and well fitted. 

You should also pay a lot of attention to colour when it comes to trousers. There is a very fine line between colourful trousers and “only for the golf course.”


When you look around the internet, you will find all sorts of opinions on business casual footwear. In my opinion, providing your footwear is smart and comfortable, who cares? Even Dr. Who wore trainers with the suit occasionally. 

If you are looking for a great selection of business casual footwear, yet again, Champion may be a great stopping point for you. Not only do they offer a fantastic collection of footwear, but it’s also at an incredible price.