Business Tactics That Never Work Out

Business Tactics That Never Work Out

When starting up your own small business, you want to be sure that you’re setting yourself, and your business, up for success, and not failure. This is one of the most important things that you can do, I’m sure you know this already though.

You might not know that there are some business tactics that just NEVER really work out. It sucks, but these tactics always fall through. Using these business tactics is basically the same as just setting yourself, and your business, up for failure.

I know that’s not really what you want for your business though. That’s why Alexander Djerassi wants to make certain that you know what business tactics will just never work out, no matter what. That way you can avoid them altogether.

Don’t Be That Guy

I know you obviously want to make money. Making profits is a great thing, and what every business wants. It is important and beneficial for a business, to be completely honest.

Don’t be that guy though. Don’t be profit driven. That’s a terrible business tactic, and sets you up to fail. If you only focus on making money, you forget about all of the good, kind, decency that needs to happen as well. You take out the fun from your business, and focus things in your business on the wrong parts, all because you have money signs for eyes.

Don’t Be Too Generic

You need to have a great vision, and focus on what you want from your business. You want your vision statement to be a part of you, and to represent you, and your business well. I’m not saying to go wild with it, but it needs to fit what you represent, or want your business to represent.

You don’t want it to be too generic, or bland. You don’t want your vision statement to be able to apply to just any other business that’s in the market as yours. How does that make you stand out? It doesn’t help you to be remarkable. You want to stand out and be remembered.

When Taking On A New Strategy…

If you’re going to tackle a new strategy, or add something to your business. Make certain that you have done all of the research that’s needed. If you don’t, then it could turn out to be an epic fail.

You might have an amazing idea that will be a great addition to your small business. That’s terrific. However, if you don’t execute it the right way, it will be a total and complete epic fail. There’s no fun in that. Make sure that you know EVERYTHING that needs to be known, so that way it won’t turn into such a disaster.
I hope you can see how these 3 business tactics are absolutely terrible, and will never work out. Alexander Djerassi thinks that it’s extremely important that you know about these, so that you can avoid them in your business endeavors.