close up of a car's digital display, showing a very high fuel consumption

Car Care Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

In today’s society, nearly everyone needs a car or vehicle in their day to day life. Most people need one for their daily commute, while even the elderly need one to pick up groceries and get to doctor’s appointments. Plus, how else would you see friends and family? You can also click reference to see and learn more!

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While rideshare services like Uber have become more popular, that isn’t always an option. So, it only makes sense to own a car with excellent fuel economy. If you feel like your car should be performing better than it is in that regard, check out these care tips to improve your gas mileage. 

Easy on the Gas

Everyone loves to let their inner speed demon out once in a while, especially those with a love for racing, but it’s in your best interest to think twice before doing so. The further you push the pedal, the more gas your car is consuming. 

The same applies to braking after excessive acceleration. Wearing your brakes down that way is also going to lead to decreased gas mileage in the long run. Just obey the speed limits (they’re actually designed to help with fuel economy) and don’t try to rush through any yellow lights.  When considering options to modify your car and make it more efficient, check this new turbochargers for sale.

Fuel Type Matters

Some people think premium gas is the best while others swear by the cheapest they can find. When it comes to performance, however, there’s a specific fuel type your car runs best on. That information can be found in your owner’s manual. 

It might seem like high performance fuel would be the best option, but manufacturers test each model for performance with a specific type of fuel. That could mean unleaded or the cheapest petrol possible with a lower octane rating. Whatever the manual says will guarantee the best mileage. 

Weight and Drag

The more cargo you have, the harder your engine has to work to get your car up to speed. That part is simple, but many people fail to realize how items like roof racks and storage accessories can add extra weight. Not only that, but they also increase aerodynamic drag. The combination will undoubtedly lower your fuel economy. 

Tire Pressure

Improperly inflated tires are an excellent way to get yourself into a wreck, just ask these Easton & Easton car accident attorneys in OC. They also happen to reduce gas mileage.

Lower pressure increases rolling resistance, which means more power is needed for acceleration. Overinflate them, and you’re headed straight for a blowout. Always check the recommended pressure on the side of your tires, click to read more.

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Use Your Cruise Control

It’s an easy accessory to overlook, but cruise control is and excellent way to save on gas mileage. This feature helps you maintain your speed and therefore keep you from overusing the gas pedal or over relying on the brakes. 

If you have a fuel economy feature that can be combined with your cruise control, that’s even better. Make sure to use both to save as much gas as possible during your trips. Even if you’re turning these features on and off in traffic, you’re still saving money in the long run.