Carpet Cleaning London: Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you tired of looking at the stains on your carpet and feeling embarrassed about it? Do you want to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank? Look no further, because professional carpet cleaning services in London are here to rescue you! Not only will they leave your carpets spotless, but they can also extend their lifetime. Get ready for a renewed sense of pride in your home with our comprehensive guide on why hiring professionals is worth every penny.

Different Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Carpet cleaning is a necessary task for any property owner, but it can be a daunting one to undertake. Fortunately, there are several different carpet cleaning techniques that can be used to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning is by far the most popular carpet cleaning technique in London. It uses hot water and steam to clean deep down into the fiber of the carpet, removing dirt, dust, and debris. Because steam is water vaporized at high temperatures, it is effective at killing bacteria and leaving carpets clean and smelling fresh.

The downside to steam cleaning is that it can be time-consuming and leave carpets dryer than usual. Therefore, it is best suited for small or thin carpets rather than large or thick ones.

Pulverization: Pulverization uses a machine that blasts the carpet with air and various powders to loosen up dirt and debris. This method is good for heavily soiled or difficult-to-reach areas of the carpet. However, it can be more time-consuming than other methods and may not be suitable for all carpets.

Ozone Treatment: Ozone treatment uses high concentrations of ozone gas to break down dirt, dust, smoke particles, and other allergens in the carpet fibers. This process leaves carpets looking clean with a deep stain removal ability. Ozone treatments are not as time-consuming as other methods but they are more expensive due to

The Different Kinds of Chemicals Used in Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most common household tasks. It’s a great way to clean up your space and freshen up the air. But what Exactly are carpet cleaners using on your floors? There are a few different types of chemicals used in carpet cleaning.

Triple Action Carpet Cleaners: Triple action cleaners use enzymes, oxygen and water to clean carpets. This process helps break down dirt, bacteria and allergens.

Proprietary Carpet Cleaning Chemicals: Certain carpet cleaning chemicals are only available from specific brands or manufacturers. These chemicals can be more expensive but they work better than other types of cleaners on certain types of carpets.

Steam Cleaners: Steam cleaners use hot water and pressure to clean carpets. This method is great for getting into small nooks and crannies that other forms of cleaning can’t reach.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Carpet Cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning Romford is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, it can cost around £25-£35 per room to have your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaner. This price includes all of the work that the cleaner will do, from deep-cleaning to extraction of any pet hair or debris. If you’d like the cleaner to also extract any smells or stains, this will add an additional £5-£10 onto the price.

What to Do If You Find Foul Odors After a carpet Cleaning Session

If you find foul odors after a carpet cleaning session, there are a few things you can do to try and remedy the situation. First, see if the foul odor is coming from the carpet itself or from somewhere else in your home. If the smell is coming from the carpet, then the most likely solution is to have the carpet cleaned again. 

However, if the smell is coming from another part of your home, then you may need to take more specific measures to address the source of the odor. For example, you could try using an air freshener or deodorizer in specific areas of your home that are causing a problem. Alternatively, you could call in a professional cleaner to help get rid of the bad odor.


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