Equitable Marketing Shares Digital Marketing Trend Predictions

Your business hinges on the traffic that marketing brings, along with its possibility to convert. And only by staying ahead of all the different trends throughout the market will you be able to stand out. Today, Equitable Marketing will be sharing some very popular marketing trends that you should look out for.  You can also visit a site like moveaheadmedia.co.th if you want the best digital marketing trends for your growing business.

1.    Digital Marketing Takes Center Stage 

For a long time now, marketing strategies have been focusing more and more on digital avenues. Only bigger companies sponsor events or spend money on physical advertisements. The others are moving towards digital methods like through social media platforms. 

There is also the possibility that more companies will focus on social media marketing over anything else. The engagement from social media allows companies to form better bonds with their clients and reach more people. 

2.    Voice Search Will Become More Prominent

The experts at Equitable Marketing believes that the next big thing to come to the industry is an emphasis on voice-activated search. Voice assistants like Cortana, Alexa, and Siri have become incredibly popular throughout various households. Not only do they exist as standalone microphones, but they are now in most TVs and phones. 

Furthermore, not only are these speakers getting smarter, but they are also getting better at understanding voices. Therefore, if your company is not preparing for this trend, then chances are it is going to leave you behind. Using better keywords and adding them to your website is becoming even more important. 

3.    Online Reviews are becoming more prominent

More and more people are giving reviews to their favorite businesses through websites like Yelp and even just Google maps. Google is even integrating reviews on the forefront of a search page when looking for a business. And with that kind of attention, you will have to be extra careful as not to get any bad attention.  

These reviews are also much harder to manufacture, and fake reviews will only take a business so far. Moreover, good reviews can also be a great selling point. Since people will usually trust other people when trying to decide on a business, you can feature the reviews on your website as well. 

4.    Influencer Marketing takes center stage 

Influencer marketing has always been an important, albeit pricey, way to get the audience that you want. These influencers form parasocial relationships with their audiences. These relationships allow them to have an astronomically higher rate of conversion than other marketing tactics. 

And with websites like YouTube growing at an unprecedented rate, it is becoming obvious that companies are looking into it. The best part about influencers is that they don’t even need to have a very big following. They just need to have a dedicated and caring fan base that will support their channel by supporting their sponsors. 

Doing influencer marketing on your own can be complicated, this is why using a digital marketing agency like Equitable Marketing is the best option.

5.    Giveaways bring in more customers

Another very big trend that experts believe will pan out in the coming years is online giveaways. People like free things, and they like companies who are willing to offer them those free things frequently. Whether it is a product or a coupon for a service, offering it to customers is a sign of good faith. 

Furthermore, you do not even have to host the giveaway yourself. If you can sponsor an influencer, they can host the giveaway for you. You should also look for a host that will match your product. If you offer gaming peripherals, for example, look for an influencer that makes content related to it. 

Final Thoughts

The industry is changing rapidly, and you have to stay ahead of the curb in order to be successful. And with these digital marketing trends from Equitable Marketing, you can easily prepare for the tide that is coming.