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Facts About Working in a Hospital

Cory Harow is a passionate, reliable and caring professional. He absolutely adores his career path when working with other hospital personnel and his patients. He feels that it is important to shine light on these ten facts about working in hospitals: the frequency for sanitation and washing hands, long working hours, the caring nature of health care professionals, nurses are valuable, communication, documentation, teamwork, bedside manner, attention to detail and respect. Without these ten factors efficiently working together, the hospital system would easily fail. Each health care professional should be well aware of where they reside inside these elements.

It is important to frequently wash hands and sanitize as needed to keep patients and co-workers safe. Being clean and sanitized will help omit possible infection and/or disease. Being so cautious on top of the already highly demanding job as a healthcare professional expect to work long hours; be prepared to constantly go above and beyond and be willing to work in a plug and play atmosphere in order to better help the patients as well as co-workers. With this information, I know that there is a lot of care that comes from those who are health care professionals, it is pretty adequate that those in this line of work have a natural nurture role and are very concerned with not only their patients but everyone around them. This brings us to the underrated health professionals known to us as nurses; nurses are the glue to a hospital, which may contain tons of hospital beds, and without them a hospital would not be able to run; being able to communicate with nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals is vital for success. In order to avoid chaos, thorough communication is a must. Communication is not just being able to verbally communicate to patients and/or co-works but it is also just as important to document events and patients and/or other healthcare professional’s advancements. Leading to a strong network and great teamwork skills; where all healthcare professionals can collectively work together and overcome obstacles as one. When working as a team and saving patients’ lives and making the lives of others more efficient’ attention to detail is a must.

 Being able to effectively communicate thoroughly verbally and non-verbally is expected. Attention to detail not only comes to play with communication but when it comes to the expected astonishing bedside manner; it is important to be able to present a professional and caring charisma when dealing with any patients or other health care professional. Last but not least respect; following the procedures and other elements from above will ultimately lead to respect.

Cory Harow has effectively conquered these must do’s when it comes to working in a hospital therefore allowing him to enjoy his profession whether it comes to working with a patient or his other healthcare professionals. With him being able to effectively execute these in his work place, he is able to enjoy his dream profession as a healthcare professional.