Female Mountain Climbers Become Younger

A YOUNG Indian girl aged 12 years was in the country recently whereby she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with a due purpose.

The girl named Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru arrived in the country on 24th September and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for seven days through Machame Route from 27th September to 3rd October this year .

While climbing this mountain she was accompanied by her father Dr. Krishna Rao and their Mountain Guide was Mr. Dismas John Mlay from Topi Adventure Tour and Safaris Limited.

Talking to the author of this article at Park View Hotel here in Moshi prior to her climb Jaahnavi said she had plans to climb all the Seven Summits of the world before the end of 2015 adding that to start with she started with climbing the top roof of Africa which is Mount Kilimanjaro.

When asked as to where does she come from she said she is from Hyderabad the capital of Andhra Pradesh state in India adding that currently she is studying at St. Michael’s School , Alwal.

On the main purpose of climbing all the seven summits in the world namely Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt Elbrus (Europe), Mt Mc Kinley (North America), Mt Carztenz (Australia) and Mt Aconcagua in South America what I am left with is climbing Mt Vinson (Antarctica) and Mount Everest in Asia she said through these climbs she is going to raise funds which will be directed towards educating five (5) girls of her age to be picked from poor families worldwide.

“I am climbing all these summits to raise funds which will be directed towards educating at least 1-5 girls of my age. These girls should not necessarily be picked from poor families in India but rather anywhere across the world” she said.

On his side the father of this girl Dr. Rao said in each year during the birthday of his daughter he normally give her a present.

Giving details of such a present he said the same is giving out a One Year Education Scholarship to any needy unprivileged girl of his daughter age in India.

“In turn in each year my daughter has to raise funds through climbing the same to educate 1-5 girls of her age worldwide” said Dr. Rao.

On how these funds have been raised and would be raised in the future he said  the same comes from gifts or pocket money all originating from contributions after spreading such news about her climb in social media networks like twitter and face book.

“Whenever my daughter climb mountains news about these climbs are spread in social media networks like face book.com/jaahnavis and twitter.com/sjaahnavi and to this people in India and in another countries contribute some funds” said Jaahnavi father.

On what him and his daughter have done in Tanzania before climbing the mountain he said they have visited some places in Moshi town known as Njoro and Msaranga where’s they have donated 2 kilograms of rice to a needy family.

“There is what is known as Rice Bucket Challenge in India with a purpose of raising awareness to serve food and not to waste food the same to be given to the needy. As such while here we have donated 2 kilograms of rice to a needy family at Msaranga” he said.

When asked to give a historical background of his daughter as far as climbing mountains is concerned he said at the age of 10 years her daughter had completed nearly 2 high altitude treks, 5 national treks and around 25  local treks in India.

“In the year 2010, she completed successfully the Roopkund Trek (16,000 ft) and in 2011, she participated in the National Himalayan Trek organized by the Youth Hostel Association of India.

On 14th August 2014, my daughter created a New World Record by climbing Stok Kangri (6125 meters) in Leh, Ladakh thus becoming the youngest person ever to summit this mountain” proudly said Dr. Rao.

When interviewed again here in Moshi after descending from Mount Kilimanjaro both Jaahnavi and his father said they were happy to have climbed to the top roof of Africa thereby reaching Uhuru Peak.

Jaahnavi and his father climb of Mount Kilimanjaro was organized by a reputable Tour Operator based in Moshi with offices along Rengua Road known as Mr. Emanuel Thomas Kimaro who owns a company known as Topi Adventure Tours & Safaris Limited.

When interviewed Mr. Kimaro said he was very much delighted to organize such a climb which aims at raising funds to be directed towards educating the girl child.

“When one educates a girl child he/she educate the whole family and as such I and my company staff are happy to be part of this mission of educating unprivileged girls worldwide” said the Managing Director of Topi Adventure Tours & safaris Limited.