Feminism in Mexico

Feminism can be defined as the activity and philosophy aimed at defining, creating, and protecting economic, political, social equality, and culture in women’s opportunity and rights for Mexican women.

The feminism history in Mexico can be split into a number of periods, with issues. For the colonial eras and conquest, some statistics have been reviewed in the modern era and can be regarded as part of the record of feminism in Mexico.

During independence in the 19th century, there were claims that women be considered as citizens. The late 19th century defined the explicit evolution of feminism as beliefs or theory. Liberalism championed for secular schooling of both boys and girls as part of a rationalizing project, and women joined the labor force as tutors. Those women were at the front line of feminism, creating groups that examined the existing handling of women in the field of legal positions, access to gain the education and political and economic power.

Feminism has championed for equality of women and men, but middle-class women took the lead in the creation of feminist groups, the forming of journals to diffuse feminist conception, and other forms of activism. The working-class women in the present-day era could support within their political parties.

The contributors in the Mexico 68 clashes who created that generation’s feminist movement were mainly educators and students. The advisers who acknowledged themselves within the groups after the 1985 earthquakes were learned women who realized the political and legal aspects of organized labor. What they realized was that to create a sustained alliance and attract working-class women, they were required to utilize workers’ knowledge and expertise of their jobs to merge a practical, working system.

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