Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

The purpose of fundraising is to acquire resources needed for your institution’s activities. Fundraising is considered a vital activity because it helps your institution obtain finance. It is an essential activity that leads to the achievement of the organizational goals because it contributes to financing educational institutions through various means such as donations from individuals and companies. According to educator Jonathan Osler San Francisco, a useful tool for getting the most out of your fundraiser is to plan what you are planning to say in advance, not ‘wing it’ on the day. This will help you stick to your planned script and ensure that all your points have been covered, although if you go here you can find 13 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Raise More Money in 2022. Here are some other useful fundraising tips.

1. SET UP YOUR JUSTGIVING PAGE: As part of your JustGiving page, when setting up this page, make sure you set up 2 different events – one where you raise funds for each of your chosen charities; and another to donate to if they do not reach their target (this would give them a donation boost). If one charity does not meet its goal, but the other does, you still benefit from the extra donations raised by the second campaign.

2. SET YOURSELF A FUNDRAISING TARGET: Set an amount you think you can comfortably fundraise within a given time – 5 minutes per person is usually enough. Then divide this into a weekly target. Try and aim to achieve your total per week rather than go it alone.

3. PROMOTE THE EVENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages to promote your event and encourage friends to attend. Send emails to any contacts who might benefit from hearing about your fundraiser. Post flyers around town and hand out business cards with details of the event and contact numbers of both Just Giving and The Fundraising Network.

4. GIVE YOUR FUNDRAISING A BOOST: Ask someone else to fundraise for you, which could take the pressure off completely. Having someone else organize the event can be very helpful, especially if you feel slightly unsure about what you are doing. They could also remind people when to turn up, how long speeches should be etc. If nothing like this is available for you, then emailing/calling anyone whose name is listed in your address book and asking them to raise money for your cause could work well.

5. GET CREATIVE: Have some fun with your event title – for example, if the event is themed around Halloween, why not call it “Halloween Party Night?” If you’re hosting a big event and need staging solutions, you can visit

You may find that your friends enjoy giving something back to their community, so if there is a local issue affecting your friend (such as homelessness) that you know about, offer them the option of donating to an appropriate charity instead of your organization that has a similar focus. If you need more fundraising tips, visit

Conclusion: Remember to put together a simple plan for your fundraiser, prepare yourself and make sure everything runs smoothly. Prepare adequate seating systems for your guests. According to educator Jonathan Osler San Francisco several factors need to be considered to enhance fundraising activities. These include having a strong team specializing in fundraising, proper identification of potential donors, use of social media to promote the event, and adequate training.