How A Top Nevada Real Estate Broker Gave Up Real Estate To Teach Sales And Help Women Get Jobs

Women today constitute 50% of the labor force. This statistic is an improvement compared to 49.7% a year ago. Yet even though the number has increased, women still face significant challenges. When it comes to the sales niche, one of the challenges many face is getting jobs that give the time to care for children. There is evidence that women have had to opt for part-time or jobs that are closer home to fulfill their family responsibilities. This need for a flexible job often leads women to settle for lower-paying jobs. What’s worse, some families have had to spend 70% of their income on care, as they have to hold down two jobs to provide a better life for their kids. 

The situation for women in the labor force is one of the reasons that Bella Verita left the real estate industry. Bella saw a gap in the market, especially the sales niche. She noticed that the high ticket sales space was a “boy’s club.” Furthermore, she realized that most companies were failing to see a high ROI from their sales representatives because the representatives were poorly trained. So instead, Bella found a way to use her skills in a more meaningful way – helping other women like herself in need of the best guidance and tools to succeed and make waves in the male-dominated sales industry. 

About Bella Verita 

Bella Verita is a versatile entrepreneur in the coaching and consulting space. She started the first and only female-led sales agency in the country, known as Alignsales. So far, the agency has helped hundreds of clients leverage the right salespeople. Bella understands first-hand the struggles of trying to make it in sales as a woman. When she was engaged in commercial real estate, she realized that she was really good at her job. However, the ratio of men to women was significantly low. However, it was refreshing to that most fort lauderdale real estate agents were women and that reaffirmed faith in the industry.

Bella believes that women bring something unique to the sales niche. In one of her talks dubbed “Making Sales Sexy,” she speaks upon the fact that women are better at persuasive communication than men. Women are also more dedicated compared to men. Bella argues that this dedication is because most women have family responsibilities. As such, women are more likely to remain in a company and put more effort into the company’s growth as they are not motivated to change jobs. But how exactly did Bella go from making strides in this niche to helping others? Read on to find out. 

Turning Women into Professional Salespeople 

Bella Verita is a disruptor in the coaching and consulting space. She is a disruptor because she understands the value of investing in people and has an extensive understanding of the sales process. Bella notes that the reason why most companies fail is that they set unrealistic expectations for their salespeople. Most companies hire salespersons for the sake of making short-term sales. But what comes next after making sales? We live in a world where customers are more complicated. Today’s customers want businesses to establish a connection with them. Customers also want companies that seek to develop relationships with them instead of just closing sales deals. 

The change in customers’ interests and preferences calls for a change in the sales approach. Specifically, enterprises stand a better chance of establishing a long-term relationship with their customers by working with salespeople who understand this need. Ideally, this is what Bella brings to the sales niche. Through Alignsales, this versatile entrepreneur trains women on the psychology of the consumer. The sales agents are committed to the long-game and are taught how to approach the client as problem-solvers and not just sales agents. 

Most companies have been burnt with marketing gimmicks. There is rhetoric that investing more on Facebook ads leads to increased sales. Yet, such ads cost more money and are not selling like they used to. So, having the right sales team is still a viable strategy for boosting sales. In fact, a professional sales team is important to help you realize your sales goals. If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO, you can focus on other matters as your sales team focuses on increasing your sales. 

What Sets Bella Apart From Others?

Bella is driven by transformation. As a successful female entrepreneur, her core purpose is to help fellow women achieve success in the male-dominated sales industry. Bella is also passionate about bringing value to an enterprise. This high-priority towards value is why her sales agency is the #1 leading agency in the country. 

When you bear in mind the intense competition in the marketplace, it is sufficient to state that you need more than just sales representatives to make it to the top. You also need professionals who are aware of the changes in the market. Such a team saves you time and money. If you are a company looking for sales agents, then reach out to Bella via her website