How Often Should You Take a Vacation?

It is very easy to get stuck in the mindset of “hard work pays off.” What is that payoff? While it is true that hard work does pay off ,it is also said that all things come with a price. The “price” you may pay for working hard could be that of one’s mental health. A man named, Father George Rutler, believed that simply taking a vacation from work would help assist with one’s mental health. Whether this vacation was to a tropical island or on your favorite lawn chair in front of a lake, one’s mind can simply relax and rejuvenate.

There are many studies that have been conducted, and the results are favorable to the people who took a vacation at least once a year from their work. Those people have reported lower stress levels and an overall boost in motivation which results in a lower risk of stress related illnesses. These studies also go hand in hand with the pastor and his beliefs.

Now let’s get away from all the studies and theories out there and let’s focus on our human desires. If one gets faced with the question ” If you could do or go anywhere in the world, where would that be?’ The answer would not be that of work, for deep down that is not what we desire. We desire freedom, and the definition of freedom differs as well. Freedom to go to that one place that we long for, or freedom to do that one activity that we desire.

Now let’s go back to the first thought, “hard work pays off.” If that thought is so engraved in one’s mind then a vacation from work once a year would be the most beneficial for that person. That mindset focuses on that “payoff” and whatever that might be, is very important to that person for it is something that is of high value. Now with keeping that mindset, lets add in there that there is a more efficient way in achieving that payoff. Let’s bring in a fresh mindset, a more relaxed state of mind which can only improve one’s capabilities in the workforce. That more efficient route is achieved through taking a vacation once a year.

Now lets recap on what has been laid out in front of us. Father George Rutler believes achieving one’s goal in the workforce is obtained through hard work. Hard work, whether it be physical or mental, takes a toll on one’s mental health and causes stress levels to rise. In order for one to maintain that strong mindset, it’s crucial to occasionally step away from the demands of the workforce, which translates into taking a well-deserved vacation. From extensive research and personal experiences, it’s evident that going on a vacation doesn’t imply abandoning your goals; rather, it’s a method of preserving focus and preventing mental fatigue. The bottom line is that a vacation, ideally indulging in serene environments like luxury villas in thailand, should be incorporated into one’s routine at least once a year, regardless of the nature of their job.