How this Trading Psychology Expert Runs the #1 Trading Education Firm in the World

Stocks and forex trading is accessible, educational, and offers traders lots of opportunities. Recording a daily turnover of over $6 trillion, it is the largest financial market in the world. Although stocks and Forex trading has proven to be a great source of income for successful investors, a high percentage of stocks and Forex traders are losing money. Learning to trade stocks and forex, in general, can be difficult. However, since the stocks and Forex trading market represents a unique and highly lucrative opportunity for traders worldwide, investing in learning the ins and outs of the industry is totally worth it. 

Such information is now easily accessible to retail investors of any experience level through, the brainchild of Anmol Singh, a world-leading stock and Forex trader. His mentorship and assistance to manage psychological and behavioral issues that arise when high stakes are on the line helped him become a leading expert in trading psychological space. He still trades stocks and currencies as a career and makes money on the profits from trading, but he has given his perspective as a CEO, to understand how he runs his business.

The Unrelenting Tenacity That Built An Empire

Anmol Singh is a man whose mind rests within the precincts of education. Born in Delhi, India, on April 23, 1992, Amol grew up as a well-educated kid and joined Brunel University London, where he completed his BSc Honors in Business & Management. While in college, Singh developed a profound interest in trading. Although things did not work well for him at first Anmol was persistent so he kept trying and did not give up. He gave his time to trading, and it was after one whole year that he began to get a grasp of how things work in trading. Anmol spent an entire year in trading without any profits, but it did not stop him from doing what he was passionate about. After dedicating time in the market, he was able to become a profitable trader. The profits he acquired through trading were noteworthy, and it caught the attention of several investors who asked Anmol to carry out trading for them.

The #1 Trading Education Firm in the World is an online platform considered as the top-ranked stock market, Forex, and Options educational platform. It provides a training ground for people who want to excel in trading. Since its establishment, the platform has helped more than 10,000 students. The platform offers a live session where Anmol, along with his partners, and students trade live. Some traders who got their training from have been able to earn up to $3,000 a week. No background or previous experience is required to join. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn and a basic understanding of market cycles. That is how Anmol and his students continue to generate market-beating returns, often making the hedge fund and mutual fund returns look like they don’t pay anything.

Applying Psychology to The Trade

Anmol teaches that in trading, you don’t have to follow the 90-90-90 rule which basically means 90% of the traders lose 90% of their money in the first 90 days. Although this might sound like an alarming fact, it is often distorted or misused in the media in order to keep investors and traders away from taking control of their investments and do it themselves. The truth, however, is very different. With basic training and understanding of how the markets work, a trader can get better returns himself than he would get with a hedge fund or mutual fund manager. 

Sometimes unscrupulous individuals will use psychology to discourage you from learning how the markets work. They want to trick you into thinking Wall Street has your best interest in mind and since you are not educated enough you should hand your money to one of those slick Wall Street managers wearing a good suit. Anmol has a solution for you. On, you get an exclusive training experience with a trading psychology expert who will teach you how to achieve your own freedom from doing nothing other than changing your mindset and getting into the flow.