How to Be More Confident in Relationships, According to Relish

How to Be More Confident in Relationships, According to Relish

Self-doubt is a commanding emotion that occurs in our daily lives. It can skew your view and can especially be impactful in a relationship. When experiencing doubt and insecurity, we are our own worst critics’, have unrealistic expectations of ourselves, and wonder if we are worthy enough for our partner. When left unresolved, self-doubt can harm our relationship. This begs the question; how can I eliminate or minimize self-doubt and be more confident in my relationships?

Since you have already identified the emotion and are looking for a change, step one is complete! Congrats! Now on to the next twelve steps below:

One: Change your Narrative

This first step is critical in that you must eliminate insecure thoughts.

Two: Create Distance

The second step relates to creating a distance between you and your feelings by understanding your doubts are your deepest fears, manifesting into opinions.

Three: Identify your Critic

Your internal critic is giving you self-doubt so by identifying those thoughts when they creep into your head, you can start to limit the self-doubt.

Four: Don’t Overthink

You never win in an overthinking scenario so harping on a negative thought will get you nowhere.

Five: Pinpoint the Root Cause

The primary goal is to pinpoint the root cause which will help carve a clear path towards security.

Six: Ask for Help

If you find that the root cause is something deeper like a traumatic event, then reach out to a therapist for help.

Seven: Eliminate Comparisons

Never compare yourself or your relationship with others since every situation is unique. This is an easy path to disappointment.

Eight: Have Self-Confidence

The best solution to self-doubt is self-confidence. One way to do so is to keep a nightly journal where you write one proud moment from the day then read it the next morning!

Nine: Open Communication

Regardless of your synchronicity with your partner, open the lines of communication, and be vulnerable to your partner.

Ten: Speak to Yourself

Speak to yourself in the same manner that you would speak to your closest friend. You would never say to your friend, “You are not worthy of love!”

Eleven: Be Surrounded by Positivity 

Surround yourself with good people, good things, and activities that make you happy. You are the result of the five people you spend the most time with.

Twelve: Embrace Insecurity

Insecurity is part of being human so instead of questioning it, realize that your thoughts are normal, and every person experiences them at one point or another.

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