ICON Park Orlando Celebrates National Burger Day With Shake Shack

National Burger Day will take place on May 28 this year, and burger joints around the country will be celebrating. In Orlando, ICON Park and Shake Shack have joined forces to make the day extra fun.

ICON Park Is a Family Destination

ICON Park is known for the family-friendly atmosphere of its restaurants and shops, with more than 40 establishments in the outdoor mall along International Drive. Everyone (including picky kids) can find an eatery they like, and there’s at least one store that each family member will want to shop at.

In addition to the cafes and boutiques, ICON Park has many enthralling attractions. Madame Tussauds Orlando is a famous wax museum, Sea Life Orlando Aquarium has engaging marine exhibits, and there’s a Museum of Illusions, a 7D Motion Theater, and more.

The most famous attraction is The Wheel, a 400-foot Ferris wheel that serves as an observation platform for ICON Park, International Drive, and much of Orlando. Several other parks are visible from the top, as well as a few of Florida’s nearby lakes.

Although The Wheel ascends 400 feet into the air, it moves slowly enough that even anxiety-prone riders can relax and enjoy the views. A ride on The Wheel takes approximately 20 minutes in an air-conditioned module for hot-weather comfort.

Shake Shack Is an ICON Park Mainstay

Of the many different bars and restaurants at ICON Park, Shake Shack has become a favorite for families. The combination of burgers and milkshakes is an American classic that’s been around for the better part of a century, and Shake Shack continues that tradition at ICON Park. Shake Shack is famed for its cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches — the newest, perfect for National Burger Day, is the Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger.

The Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger is also available as a chicken sandwich. Both versions feature a toasted potato bun, white cheddar, and bourbon jam. The jam is made with authentic Maker’s Mark bourbon and is sweetly delicious. 

Mark Rosati of Shake Shack describes the bourbon jam: “The Maker’s Mark taste profile and bold flavors are what makes it special. The jam is sweet and savory with the addition of applewood-smoked bacon, honey, raisins, and jalapeños, offering woodsy, smoky flavors with some heat and texture.”

Other toppings for the Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger include fried shallots and the restaurant’s famous ShackSauce. The Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich uses crispy grilled chicken and substitutes pickles for the shallots.

Both versions of the Bourbon Bacon Cheddar go exceptionally well with a milkshake, and crinkle-cut fries are always a hit.

Other Family-Friendly Features

In addition to the main attractions, shops, and restaurants, ICON Park has other features that make it particularly family-friendly. 

Restrooms are easily accessible throughout the park, and parking is plentiful and free. There are often parking spots inside ICON’s covered parking garage, which could be serviced by professionals like the ones on chicagogaragedoor.com/, and valet options are available, too, so you can find a spot close to whatever attractions or shops you want to visit if you know where they’re located. If you’re unsure of where your favorite features are or want to see everything, walking the entire length of the park complex is relatively quick.

A Special Day at ICON Park Orlando

Every day at ICON Park Orlando is filled with fun and good food, but May 28 promises to be an extra-special day to visit and beef up with a special Shake Shack Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger. All families are invited and you’ll likely want to take advantage of The Wheel deal when you come.