Interesting Facts on Texas Solar Power


One of the first things President Biden did when he took office was to sign the Paris Agreement. This global initiative aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the use of fossil fuels.

The best way to achieve this is by cutting down dramatically on the use of electricity to power our homes and businesses. That’s why solar power is rapidly becoming the preferred energy source, and Texas leads the way.

Check out these things you didn’t know about Texas solar power.

Texas is Perfect for Solar Power

With long sunny days and dry weather, Texas is a prime location for harnessing the sun’s energy. Every year, a single acre of land in Texas receives enough sunlight to produce the energy equivalent to 800 barrels of oil.

Unlike electricity, solar doesn’t rely on water for production, so the dry climate of Texas suits this energy source perfectly too.

Solar Power Opportunities Are Skyrocketing

There are over 500 solar companies in Texas at the moment including this one at Together they employ over 8,000 people, placing Texas fourth in the nation for solar employment.

Texas’ solar growth is staggering. It’s rapidly catching up to California, which’s in the lead for solar power generation at present. The EIA predicts that one-third of new US solar installations in the next few years will come from Texas.

What’s more, the Alamo 6 project in Pecos County is just one of seven work sites pumping out 450 MW of solar for the Greater San Antonio area. Encompassing over 500 acres, Alamo 6 is the largest solar installation of its kind worldwide.

Texas Solar Power Savings

It’s no secret that solar can save you a fortune on energy bills, but did you know how much?

According to Blue Raven Solar, residents of Texas save in three more ways. These are:

·      Local solar incentives

·      Property tax exemption for installing renewable energy

·      A Federal tax credit

In Texas, the huge number of solar power companies help residents save even more when they install solar. That’s because these energy providers buy your excess solar energy back from you in the form of a credit on your bill.

The best part is that they resell this energy to their clients, dramatically reducing the amount of coal needed to produce electricity.

Solar Is Cheaper In Texas

In the last 5 years, the cost of solar installations has plummeted by 40% in Texas. You can also get green loans to help you pay for your installation costs for any renewable energy sources in Texas.

That includes wind and biomass initiatives too. Solar is by far the preferred choice and best suited to the Texas climate.

Embrace Green Lifestyle Choices

Solar power is the way forward for all American households. Not only will alternative energy sources help you save the planet, but they’re also a cost-effective way to live.

We hope these Texas solar power facts have inspired you to make some of your own green home improvements. Check out our blog for more energy-saving tips and innovative ways to make your home more valuable and comfortable.