Jack Landsmanas

Jack Landsmanas and The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

What is a change agent? Or better yet, who is a change agent? Naturally, the term lives as a double-edged sword because change can be good or bad. Which means the key to being a positive change agent requires one to understand when something needs to change, how to change it, and then actually change it. 

Too many leaders promise oceans and deliver ponds, which is why change becomes such a messy term. That is, unless you’re Jack Landsmanas Stern. Stemming from a family legacy of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, the Corporativo Kosmos CEO continues to redefine what change can look like from one leader, one corporation, and an army of passionate and committed workers.

A Legacy

To understand Jack Landsmanas is to first learn about the Herculean efforts of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas. The elder Landsmanas first arrived in Mexico circa 1959, having moved from his homeland of Lithuania. Interested in making a positive, not-so-subtle impact in his new home, Pablo quickly went to work learning the ins-and-outs of the food service industry. 

What came next was his first business – a small, intimate butcher shop called La Modelo. The more Pablo learned and the more he did, the bigger La Modelo grew. Over the years, the family-centric shop would transform into the food service behemoth known today as Corporativo Kosmos. And eventually, Pablo decided to turn the corporate reigns over to his grandson – Jack Landsmanas. 

Corporativo Kosmos and Jack Landsmanas 

When talking about his grandfather, Jack Landsmanas has this to say: “My grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, was a person like no other: he always distinguished himself by his integrity, perseverance, willingness to support others and his human quality. Inspired by his altruism, I decided to create a foundation with his name to preserve his legacy, trying to help those who
need it most.”

The foundation, appropriately named the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, has contributed greatly to Mexico’s growth and development. But the leader behind it deserves just as much credit. Each day makes it clearer the influence that Pablo Landsmanas had on his grandson. Under Jack Landsmanas’s leadership, Corporativo Kosmos has become the leading food service provider in Mexico. And more importantly, the company has distinguished itself by its integrity, perseverance, and willingness to support others. 

As a whole, Corporativo Kosmos utilizes the three companies it oversees – The Cosmopolitan, Serel, and Kol Tov to help feed countless Mexicans each and everyday. 

Separately, the three companies facilitate different food-oriented objectives. One of The Cosmopolitan’s main services is raw material supply, a crucial initiative geared toward high-security dining facilities within Mexico’s prison system. The company also provides non-culinary services like maintenance, cleaning, laundry, pest control like 24h Pest Pros, and gardening. 

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Serel is all about feeding solutions. What this means is arranging and maintaining large-scale dining rooms for various clients. It’s also responsible for the production of thousands of boxed lunches each day, much of which is shipped to flotels (floating housing units used to support oil and other offshore workers) for consumption.

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Similarly, much of Kol Tov’s daily duties involve supporting sea-based dining and hotel services. Given Mexico’s rich oil and fishing industries, this is incredibly important. 

Guiding the progress of these companies and Mexico’s economic, social, and environmental growth is Jack Landsmanas. Not only has he embodied the principles of his philanthropically-minded grandfather, but he’s continued to succeed in combining business with altruism. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and as far as Jack Landsmanas is concerned, a CEO’s duties venture far beyond the scope of management. It’s about change, remember? 

And being a positive change agent. 

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Mexico. Along with other national and global leaders, Jack Landsmanas and his team work exceptionally hard to improve their homeland and the lives of those living in it. 

Another way Jack Landsmanas has spearheaded this campaign is through founding the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation. A frequent partner with Corporativo Kosmos, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation holds true to its slogan: For you, for them, for Mexico

Specifically, the foundation aims to support high-needs groups of people. These include teenage mothers, abandoned children, HIV patients, Holocaust survivors, recovering addicts, and more. Combining resources with Corporativo Kosmos, the two entities regularly support several philanthropic-minded organizations like Camino a Casa, Casa de la Sal, Ser Humano, and Casa de las Mercedes. This support comes in many forms, like delivering supplies to each charity, facilitating donations, and helping maintain various educational institutions.

Currently, the foundation delivers over 450,000 meals each month to adolescents who are victims of sexual violence, neglect, and/or labor exploitation. It also actively fights hunger and malnutrition, donating thousands of pounds of raw materials to organizations whose mission is to feed hungry children across Mexico.  

Academic Excellence

Think back to the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation’s slogan: For you, for them, for Mexico. With them in mind, the foundation frequently assesses how it can support a high-needs educational system and better serve Mexico’s children. 

One way? The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation Academic Excellence Award. 

Given yearly, the award disperses a number of scholarships to high-achieving primary school children, encouraging them to move forward with their studies and, as the award suggests, achieve excellence.

When Jack Landsmanas created a foundation in memory of his grandfather’s legacy, he built it off the elder Landsmanas’s core principles: 

1. Honesty

Carrying oneself honestly in business and in life. Forming personal connections based on trust and welcomed intention. 

2. Empathy 

Experiencing something through another’s eyes. Understanding perspective and situational hardship. Feeling what someone else feels and doing something positive to help them. 

3. Tenacity

Relentless strength. Relentless pursuit. A passion unmatched because passion drives progress. The most important thing one can do in this world is care. 

4. Precision

Accuracy. Intent. Not just doing something to do it. Or worse, doing something in haphazard fashion. Intention behind actions, and actions guided by precise motives, plans, and outcomes. 

5. Formality

Reputation is everything. Respect is imperative. Garnering respect because it’s deserved, not because it’s required. 

For You, for Them, for Mexico

The stakes may change, but the principles of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and Corporativo Kosmos remain the same. It isn’t about strength in numbers or accolades or publicity. For Jack Landsmanas and his team, strength comes from purpose. 

Purpose drives change. It started with a man traveling thousands of miles in the late 1950s with one goal in mind: make a difference. Since then, his creation—what some may have once considered to be nothing more than a simple “Ma’n’Pa” butcher shop—has spiraled into a well-oiled, steadily-led change agent. 

Through a service-oriented approach and people-first mindset, Corporativo Kosmos now serves as a paragon for what a corporation can achieve when it comes to social and environmental progress. And with its extended offerings via the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, the future looks bright. With each new day comes a small change in Mexico’s well-being.

Creating better living for a country’s citizens is a journey that seemingly never ends. Regardless, Jack Landsmanas and Corporativo Kosmos promise to be there every step of the way. 

For you, for them, for Mexico.