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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Participate in Polar Bear Jump

While jumping into a freezing cold lake in February may not sound like a good time to most people, it has become a tradition for Ohio law firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR). For the last seven years, the firm’s attorneys and staff members have enthusiastically taken part in the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump, an annual event that supports local charities. To the communities that are home to KNR, the firm’s participation is no surprise. For more than 15 years, it has shown its commitment to helping Ohioans live better lives.

Taking the Plunge

This year marked the 17th anniversary of the Polar Bear Jump, which took place on Sunday, February 29, and drew over 700 people who jumped into freezing Portage Lake to support adults and children with special needs. The event has grown exponentially over the years; the first Jump, held in 2004, had just 70 participants. This year, with ten times as many participants, it raised over $177,000, exceeding the event goal by more than $27,000.

This year, KNR attorneys and staff took the plunge in a particularly impressive manner, raising more money than any other participating company and bringing in a total contribution of $30,160. The money went to the Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs and the Ronald McDonald House of Akron.

John Reagan, managing partner of KNR, said that every year at the event, they “have a blast.” “Freezing temps are no match for our team and community,” he said. Rob Nestico, founding partner of KNR, agreed, describing the Polar Bear Jump as “the highlight of [their] year” and mentioning how special it is to come together with other Ohioans to support people in the community. Thanks in part to KNR’s contribution, the Rotary Camp helped children and adults who would not have otherwise been able to afford it attend the camp, which is geared toward people with disabilities.

Over the years, KNR has raised nearly $170,000 for Ohio communities by participating in the Polar Bear Jump. On past occasions, the event has supported the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, among other organizations in need. This is especially important because many Ohio children (nearly 20 percent) are considered “food insecure” and may not know where their next meal is coming from. Just $1 provides four meals for those struggling with hunger, so the impact of thousands of dollars is enormous. 

Celebrating 15 Years of Giving

The Polar Bear Jump isn’t an isolated event at Kisling, Nestico & Redick. Giving is part of the firm’s culture, where volunteering is considered just another part of the job. Each year, KNR employees are given eight hours of paid time off that they can use to volunteer at a local nonprofit of their choice. The firm has a long tradition of giving to Ohio communities through a variety of giving initiatives. 2020 marks KNR’s 15th anniversary, an incredibly special milestone for the firm, which was founded in 2005. Over the past 15 years, KNR has raised over $450,000 for charities and events that support underprivileged Ohioans.

Rather than celebrating its anniversary with a lavish party or employee event, KNR will spend the future focusing on giving even more to Ohioans who need and deserve assistance through its KNR Cares About You initiative. The firm plans to contribute to different local charities each month for an entire year. KNR says that the goal of starting KNR Cares About You was to “inspire people to see the best in each other this year and work together to make 2020 a real vision of the future.”

The firm kicked off KNR Cares About You by literally focusing on vision. It held donation drives at each of its 11 locations to collect new and used glasses for Ohio State University’s College of Optometry Student Volunteers for Optometric Services to Humanity (SVOSH) program. The 63 pairs of glasses that the firm collected will go with the OSU student group on a mission trip to Peru later this year. As part of their visit, they will give free eye exams, provide education about eye health, and distribute the glasses.

Giving to Countless Ohioans in Need

Although KNR Cares About You is in honor of the firm’s anniversary, since its inception, KNR has actively contributed to support Ohioans in need, often focusing its efforts on children and families. Each year, the firm holds a turkey giveaway at Thanksgiving and collects coats and canned goods for area residents.

In addition, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has donated thousands of books to area children’s hospitals, as well as hundreds of bike helmets through local YMCAs to help kids stay safe while having fun. The firm tries to stay on top of what is most needed in the community to effectively direct its giving. This has resulted in putting efforts toward raising awareness about bullying through an anti-bullying campaign, giving backpacks and school supplies to kids who don’t have them, and giving its annual $5,000 Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship to be used for an area resident’s higher education expenses.

Christmas is an especially generous time of year for the firm. From baking cookies and hand making blankets to giving away stockings and paying off people’s layaway bills so they can provide gifts for their families, KNR does everything it can to ensure that Ohio families enjoy the holidays as much as possible.

Ohioans especially appreciate the fact that the firm doesn’t simply write a check. Instead, it finds hands-on opportunities to become personally involved whenever possible, whether that means accompanying kids on shopping sprees or handing out turkeys and gifts.

Helping Ohioans Fight Tough Legal Battles

While Kisling, Nestico & Redick is widely known for its charitable giving, it is just as respected for being one of Ohio’s largest and most successful law firms. It has grown to 11 locations and employs more than 35 attorneys and 100 support staff. These team members work hard to ensure that victims injured in accidents receive justice and are fairly compensated for their medical bills and other injury-related expenses.

At the heart of the firm’s success is the team’s deep knowledge of how the insurance industry works. Many of KNR’s attorneys and staff previously worked in the industry, which is notorious for unfairly compensating accident victims after car crashes, slips and falls, and other injuries. Because the firm has insider knowledge of the tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying victims, it can construct more successful strategies to represent personal injury clients

With its large team of support staff, KNR can also dedicate extensive resources to all of its clients to ensure that their cases are as strong as possible and that each and every client receives individualized attention during an incredibly stressful time. Whether they are jumping into icy water, finding ways to get food to hungry Ohioans, or doing everything they can to help their clients, the team at Kisling, Nestico, & Redick is on a daily mission to make people’s lives better.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, Kisling, Nestico & Redick offers free consultations. Contact the firm at 1-800-HURT-NOW to learn more.