Michigan Entrepreneur Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale, Michigan Entrepreneur, Shares Strategies for Business Development

From the very start, Peter Vitale felt a deep love for the insurance industry and businesses navigating those complex waters. He started his career with Allstate in 2012, becoming an Executive Account Manager. This is where he learned the business and the intense mindset needed for growth in the industry.

“I felt the ‘entrepreneurial itch’ prior to starting my own business,” Peter Vitale says. “I rapidly gained practical experience in the realm of insurance, and realized that I was good at my job. Not only that, but I was genuinely interested in it, and fulfilled by it. I didn’t need to explore hobbies during weekends, as I was busy reading about business development strategies and insurance.”

Vitale spent two years as a Michigan insurance agent, testing his theories about growth and development. He found so much success, he felt compelled to start his own Allstate agency in 2014. At the same time, Peter Vitale launched Bloomfield Insurance Group, LLC as the owner.

“I had firsthand confirmation that my business development strategies worked, as my own insurance business was thriving,” says Vitale. “Thus, I knew I was onto something. I was driven by the desire to help educate people about insurance, provide unprecedented experiences in the industry, and utilize my mastered leadership skills to help other business owners experience the same level of success that I was experiencing. I wanted to ‘share the wealth.’ I believe in collaboration between entrepreneurs and business owners, and was excited about the prospect of having something to lend to the industry.”

Going the Extra Mile to Understand Client Needs

As an insurance consultant, Peter Vitale helps Michigan insurance companies look at the bigger picture from an outside perspective. Not only does Vitale have personal experience with what works, he also has the freedom to view businesses as an outsider—which makes it easier to spot weak points. He notes, “Instead of focusing only on immediate concerns and in-your-face problems, I try to discover why those problems arose in the first place, what types of systems allowed such issues to grow, and how to best move forward to ensure a different outcome on a long-term basis.”

He often dives into areas that companies wouldn’t consider related to their problems. This careful attention to detail and big-picture approach is what makes him so different in his consulting capabilities.

“Recently, when working with a client in the insurance business realm, I crafted an extensive outline of my propositions,” recalls Peter Vitale. “The outline included immediate resolutions for pressing matters, as well as long-term infrastructure changes to harness growth. I dedicated several days to creating this outline presentation and spent a great deal of time physically present at the client’s headquarters. The business was grateful for the depths of my digging, and for the extent to which I went in order to really figure out what makes their particular business tick. Going the extra mile really does make a huge difference.”

Approaching Problems with an Outside Perspective

Emotions often run high during a time of change because many feel strongly about the business they have built and the methods they use. Peter Vitale realizes it takes cutting through that fog of assumption and comfort before the fat can truly be trimmed from a struggling company. He can make the necessary recommendations to pinpoint the right moves towards

“I knew going into my career that you need to view a problem from multiple sides to truly understand it,” says Vitale. “This would turn out to be such a key factor for my success that I can’t stress it enough to you. If I take on a client, it’s because they’re going through issues. As a Consultant, I’m not seeing them at their best, but when they’ve hit some serious snags with their bottom lines. It’s a precarious place to be, one that can dredge up a lot of emotions on both sides of the equation.”

Most companies struggle because they simply can’t quite see the problem holding them back. With a consultant on board, they have an outside perspective that can often see flaws in a dispassionate way while still holding passion for the industry as a whole. “If I’m going to figure out what’s going on,” notes Vitale, “I have to look at everything—from the sales team to the operations and marketing slogans. This can be tricky for some people to understand. How am I, an outsider, going to understand the organization as a whole? My career is based on having a different perspective so I can see the bigger picture.”

Empowering a Rockstar Team for a Foundation

One thing Peter Vitale really recommends for a strong foundation is building up a rockstar team that is on the same page in pursuing success. He views this as so foundational, it is more important than bringing in leads and building a larger customer base.

“With a powerhouse team, entrepreneurs can achieve growth, sustain growth, and successfully implement changes that trickle down from the proverbial top,” says Vitale. “This is a crucial element to success, more important than garnering a large client or customer base. After all, how can you deliver a positive experience for a growing client base without the operational capacity to handle this growth?”

In order to build up this team, Vitale says companies need to build the kind of internal structure that encourages their teams to work together and share knowledge for the professional growth of all. His own start at Allstate included several people who answered his questions and really welcomed him onto the team. This culture of teamwork is something he’s brought into his own agency as well as others.

The positive growth mentality he benefited from early on was a foundational part of his career. As a consultant, he also helps other insurance businesses work teamwork into their culture.

“It’s important to note an overall inclusive, thoughtful, and supportive corporate culture,” states Vitale. “This type of a working environment has profound effects on professionals, and is often an incubator for success, growth, and idea creation.”

Creating Powerful Personal Connections in a Digital World

A secondary point of growth is in realizing the gaps in the current market. Vitale shows Michigan businesses where they can fit in a digitalized world full of noisy content and competitors.

“In today’s fast-paced world, where everything seemingly relies on shortcuts, it’s easy to feel as though you’re left out on your own to do research, choose a product, purchase a product or service, and then be stuck with that decision,” explains Vitale. “Thus, it’s easy for people to feel overwhelmed without support and guidance from an expert. That’s why it’s so important to talk to people, to understand their needs, and to answer their questions.”

Truly building meaningful connections with people is an edge for most professionals in this industry. This has long been the case in the insurance industry, but the digital age—with all of its shiny online options—has really solidified that as a key to success. Peter Vitale continues to foster these relationships, helping other insurance companies learn to do the same in every aspect of their business.