My Favorite Broadway Musicals

Andrew Napolitano was born on June 6, 1950, in Newark, New Jersey. He is a former Superior Court Judge in the state of New Jersey. He is currently working as a news analyzer for Fox News and is a news columnist. Like most of us, Napolitano likes to see a Broadway play once in a while. Some of the judge’s favorites could include Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Ain’t Too Proud, and The Book of Mormon. Broadway productions were on break during the pandemic but are coming back.

Napolitano is a highly educated man who received a B.A. degree from Princeton in 1972 and earned his J.D. degree from Notre Dame in 1975. The former judge was an adjunct law professor at Seton Hall. Napolitano authored seven law books. Napolitano’s taste in theatre productions is a reflection of his intellect.

Being a baby boomer, Napolitano could appreciate Ain’t Too Proud, which is a live theatre production about the life and times of musical soul group the Temptations. The production opened on March 21, 2019 and is still attracting a crowd.

Phantom of the Opera appeals to the intellect and interest in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical style. It takes an educated person to appreciate opera-style singing. The phantom is a masked figure suffering from depression. The disfigured fellow terrorizes anyone who performs on the stage. Even though Phantom of the Opera is also a film, it is still running live on Broadway.

Andrew Napolitano’s educational background makes him open-minded to stories about different types of religions. The Book of Mormon is another Broadway musical favorite Napolitano can’t help but love. The Book of Mormon is a satirical look at the Church of Latter Day Saints church practices. The Book of Mormon is enjoying a decade of success on Broadway.

A recent musical Broadway production is Hamilton. Hamilton is a story about Alexander Hamilton set to hip hop, rap, traditional-show Broadway show tunes, and pop music. Judge Napolitano will consider this production his favorite recent Broadway production. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a multi-talented actor, author, rap singer, playwright, composer, and songwriter, After reading the biography of Alexander Hamilton, Miranda decided to write a play about Alexander Hamilton. Who is this man who graces the front of the $10 bill? Hamilton was the first treasury Secretary and one of our founding fathers.

Hamilton is about the life of the founding father. It begins with his birth in the 1750s Carribean, his orphaned childhood, the founding father’s romances, education, and his rise as a founding father of our country. Most of all, Hamilton tries to explain the infamous feud between Alexander Hamilton and then Vice President Aaron Burr. As an expert of law, Napolitano can appreciate the research and case brought before the audience concerning one Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is definitely a potential favorite of the current Broadway productions. Hamilton makes learning about history fun and educational.