Ombori Virtual Queues

Virtual Queues Made Easy With Ombori Grid

With Ombori Grid options for counting people, you can keep your queues more organized and make things easier for your customers and employees alike. Not only does that benefit everyone involved, but it also reduces frustration and other issues that can come with long lines and not enough staff to help customers efficiently. To continue operating effectively, through the pandemic and beyond, retail stores need a system to keep track of the number of people in their stores and help them get what they need.

If your business is struggling with that, Ombori Grid can provide a suite of software options that includes curbside pickup, virtual queuing, and more. With a virtual queue, you reduce the number of people who are trying to get into the store at the same time. That lowers the risk of transmitting disease, and may also make it easier for employees to help customers and make sure they get what they need. With a less crowded location, everyone is better able to handle the interaction and get on with their day.

Having a virtual queue also works very well for many businesses, and Ombori Grid can provide that, as well. With virtual queuing, it’s easy for customers to stay in their vehicles or at other locations, and be notified when it’s their turn to come to the store or come inside. That way, they aren’t lining up at the doors, and social distancing is more easily encouraged. That also helps to reduce the overwhelm that employees can feel when there are simply too many people in the store for them to help effectively.

Fortunately, Ombori Grid can help with all of those concerns. Virtual queues that notify customers of their turn, or that help them set appointments so they know when to arrive, take the stress and strain off of everyone involved in the transaction. Your business needs to operate safely, and your customers and employees should be your first priority. Keeping them healthy and making it easier for them to do the things they need to do all matters. By giving customers options, you show that your business cares about them.

Curbside pickup can be a great option for customers who don’t want to be part of a virtual queue. Instead, they can simply set a time to pick up their order, and your employees can handle it from there. The customers won’t have to go inside, so they won’t need to wait, and they’ll likely feel safer, too. By picking up their order at the curb, they can get their items faster, in many cases. Then they can go on with their day, and get back to other things they needed to do. Your employees will often see less stress from this option, as well, so it works for everyone involved.