Peace Of Mind From Afar: Trustworthy Property Management For Out Of State Homeowners

So you purchased an investment property in Central Texas that you’re planning to rent out. You saw the value in extending beyond your local market for a more diverse investment portfolio. And you recognized the great rental market for single family homes prevalent in growing communities like Killeen, Belton and Temple. Smart move. The only problem now is how to properly manage your property from your home base far outside the State of Texas. What’s the best way to handle it?

Consider Hiring a Trustworthy Property Management Firm

Isbell Rentals is a rental and property management firm serving the Central Texas communities of Killeen, Fort Cavazos, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton and Temple. Whether your investment is a modest home or something extravagant, they’ll give your rental townhome or single-family home the utmost attention to help ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

With 13 years in the business, they want every one of their clients to have peace of mind that their investment property will get the best of care and be given their top priority.

How Isbell Rentals Can Give You Peace of Mind by Afar

Managing an investment property when you live out of state can be a huge challenge, so having an experienced, trustworthy firm like Isbell Rentals to handle the details can be a lifesaver. Below are a few good reasons why:

Isbell Rentals has invaluable local knowledge

The team at Isbell Rentals knows the local market and can advise you on the best price you can expect for your rental property. And if your tenant needs a repair, their maintenance staff is quick to respond. If an outside service provider is required, they know who to call in the area–who responds quickly, who provides high quality work, and what are reasonable costs for their services. On their watch, no one will take advantage of you.

Isbell Rentals works to ensure timely rent payments

A large part of the job of collecting rent involves making sure prospective renters have the means to pay it in the first place, and at Isbell Rentals they screen all prospective renters for income and past rental histories. Their team is also well-versed with Texas fair housing laws and all the steps they can take legally to terminate a lease or evict a non-paying tenant. These can be stressful matters, and you can rest assured that Isbell Rentals will handle them for you.

Isbell Rental’s attentive service helps ensure low tenant turnover

Having a rental property where tenants move in and out regularly can be unnerving. You never know what the new tenant will be like or how they will treat your property. Isbell Rentals works hard to bring in tenants with good track records, who pay their rent on time and care for the home they live in. And they work hard to keep them too by maintaining good communication and responding to their requests in a timely manner. Renters who are happy with their homes and their service are more inclined to stay for longer periods of time and tend to be more accepting of occasional, reasonable rent increases.  

Isbell Rentals Goes the Extra Mile

Managing a property and being attentive and responsive to tenants’ needs is only half the job. Rest assured the team at Isbell Rentals will also properly market and advertise your property to attract the best tenants possible. They’ll keep you up to date with monthly and annual account statements and provide quarterly drive-by and bi-annual occupied inspections to ensure your property is never abused. And they’ll make sure your property complies with all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Whatever your distance from your investment property, you can breathe a whole lot easier with Isbell Rentals in your corner. They’ll provide everything you want and need in a property management firm and at a flat management rate with no hidden fees.