John Goullet

Post Pandemic Family Gatherings

Coronavirus being the topic of every story for the last two years, a Priest, Father George Rutler believes the tables could turn soon, with a little faith, love and the new knowledge we have. But also where to invest this energy.

History will report loved ones dying alone, businesses closing, and self isolation. These are the main things that the world will remember about this time, the things that were going on on the exterior of Covid-19. What hasn’t been reported is what was going on the inside, in the homes of people and their families which is the emotional/physical abuse & the resentment those experienced from that of their own blood. Although quality family time may have been what this world needed, the time that this quarantine exceeded can wedge a giant tension rod between any family, which is the priest has expressed his beliefs and encourages the will to seek venture with family once the pandemic clears.

Vacations clear the mind of what’s normal and inspire the brain to leave behind home for a while and experience what this world has to offer. Lately, with a lot of negativity this year just being in a different place can open one’s perspective and let down that wall of tension. Love has been made out to be hard work these days and a lot of people choose to separate or break up their family in hopes of a new beginning/happiness. Father Rutler simply implied a “family gathering” so a “different place” can be a state of mind. Take a chance at staying together and, while still being safe, let’s tweak the mind into an opportunistic view and get back out in the world. Give the brain some credit for the adapting that has been achieved and use the knowledge of “social guidelines” to look forward to family events instead of fear them and their consequences.
Now fast way forward and think of the mood of the world once the vaccination is over. Love will fall from neighbors, friends, and strangers on the street. Custom greetings will take a while to an unknown but the love forgotten is that from a family member. The priest believes the human race has been robbed a whole year of traditions and the need for regrouping is crucial because love is crucial. Time slips away everyday and given this new world, the chance to begin again has presented itself.