Preparing Yourself For The Remote Working Culture

While the world has steadily gravitated towards a remote working environment, companies are still struggling to find out how to manage employees and increase productivity. If you find yourself in the same boat, Surviving Remote Work by Sharon Koifman is a revelation that is a must-read for managers and employees.

While some have found managing employees who are working from home a breeze, others are struggling to cope with a new management style that has less oversight of what employees are doing. Mangers have less awareness about what their employees are doing during their work time while working from home.

In a world of micromanagement and oversight, we are experiencing a workforce revolution in front of our eyes, we are part of history. Yet, not all of us are doing well in this environment.

Why? Most managers have never trained for a remote or hybrid work environment. And then, managers themselves are also employees, and find it difficult to know what exactly is expected of them from their superiors.

For a lot of employees, working from home was not a choice. This was thrust upon them by their employer. Yet, the employer might not have the right tools to push employees towards the success they deserve add need.

Why Should You Listen To Sharon?

It has been 18 years since he started running his own company in web hosting and outsourcing. He had two remote offices in India, and it gave him a huge opportunity to learn about a different culture and to manage international employees. The experience has been an eye-opener.

He was used to working in a closed office with colleagues who lived within blocks of each other. Suddenly, his world expanded. It was a scary transition. He had barely any knowledge about his colleagues and subordinates. Even without the abundance of video chat and apps that we see today, it worked out just fine. It turns out, the key to success in the business world is dependent on a fully integrated and focused team, and not where they are physically located.

His company, DistantJob, specializes in training and finding fully skilled and talented remote employees. According to him, you don’t have to be limited to your local pool to find the right fit for your job. There is a better way to gather the best talent all across the world and be able to manage them as efficiently as anyone can hope for.

From India to Latin America, none of his employees have ever worked in a centralized office environment. He sold two companies, and now he provides consultation services to managers who are facing the challenges that she worked to overcome. A distributed environment does not have to be an inhibitor in your success. Surviving Remote Work explores how to create a better working environment remotely. Check it out on Amazon now.