QNET is Nothing Like the Definition of a Pyramid Scam

Let’s get something straight. QNET is not an investment scheme. Not a pyramid scheme. And not a scam. You do need to be wary of get-rich-quick schemes. And research is important before getting started in any business.

Direct selling is not the problem. It is a growing global $180 billion industry, with a workforce of over 96 million people.

But first, you need to learn how to identify legitimate direct selling companies. QNET has been a leading direct selling company for over 18 years, developing and selling exclusive brands to over 100 countries. We are an e-commerce platform.

The problem with Pyramid schemes is that there’s no benefit to the individual. They force you to loop others into the scam in order for you to make money. If you are a victim of financial scams then this Payback review is for you. However, QNET is not focused on recruiting.

While you can recruit members to your team to build a larger direct selling venture, it’s not a requirement. QNET is for everybody at every level that’s interested in starting their own business.

QNET is about providing the tools that you need to become an entrepreneur and pursue your own opportunities. By providing you with the resources to sell your own products and services, QNET ensures representatives make money only on the actual goods and services sold. Unlike a Pyramid scam which functions only as a means to get others to invest and directly influence the referrer. Pyramid schemes only make one person money. QNET is providing a platform for entrepreneurs.

Quite simply, independent representatives work with QNET to sell world-class products directly to customers, products that enhance, built, promote health and wellness and help them to achieve an ideal lifestyle.

As independent representatives of QNET, IRs understand who QNET is, its history, its vision, its brand values, and the international affiliations.

Many IRs are QNET ambassadors by knowing the products and using them regularly. Understand that role as a QNET IR by knowing proper procedures, practicing the code of ethics, understanding the earnings and income disclaimer, as well as the compensation plan and its restrictions. Build a team of professional IR.