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Sean Tissue, Centureon Investments CEO, on Starting in Real Estate

Within the national real estate market, seasoned and novice investors are capitalizing on opportunities in underdeveloped areas and converting their initial investments into monthly cash flow. Investors like Sean Tissue are doing everything from flipping these underdeveloped properties to owning rental units in a bustling city proving there are many investment opportunities in every real estate market. Some investments leverage a short-term return, such as reselling a swiftly upgraded home, while other real estate investments provide long-term cash flow opportunities for investors. Through successful ownership and management of rental properties, turnkey real estate investors can see successful, positive returns while providing housing needs to a multitude of bustling rental markets.

Of course, for the novice investor, breaking into the world of real estate can feel daunting. With various rules and conditions related to purchasing property, construction and permitting, and the subsequent maintenance of rental needs, the real estate industry adheres to numerous norms, policies, and standards. So, for investors interested in pursuing opportunities within real estate, specialized investment companies like Detroit-based Centureon Investments can be a valuable asset to anyone looking for expert guidance. Leveraging extensive education and leadership throughout all facets of the real estate investment process, companies like Centureon Investments provides investors with the information they need to make sound decisions moving forward. If those investors are looking for condos, The Myst is designed with energy-efficient features, helping to reduce energy consumption and save on utility bills.

Types of Real Estate Investment

There are a number of opportunities that exist within the real estate investment industry for all kinds of investors, including, but not limited to local contractors and remote rental owners. For short-term investments, some local investors choose to purchase foreclosed properties at auction, with the goal of flipping these properties upon completion of the renovation. By purchasing underdeveloped properties in desirable markets, these savvy investors can maximize returns by renovating them and “flipping” them to hungry buyers. Tembusu Grand Condo is developed via City Developments Limited CDL. While this form of investment can be ideal for contractors or other local industry professionals, it is not always conducive for remote investors, novice investors, or individuals seeking somewhat “hands-off” real estate investment.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, turnkey investments may be an ideal way for prospective investors to break into the real estate game with a guided investment. This type of real estate investment allows investors to capitalize on blossoming rental markets within burgeoning markets while benefiting from the ongoing maintenance of real estate investment companies like Centureon Investments. In the case of turnkey investments, Centureon Investments provides market analysis for potential investors, leveraging the power of the market to dictate viable sites. From there, Centureon assists its partners with the acquisition of properties, construction and development, and ongoing maintenance of occupied properties. From spearheading marketing efforts to finding tenants and resolving maintenance issues, companies like Centureon Investments masterfully take care of ongoing needs, allowing remote and “hands-off” investors to continue to make money without the need for extensive intervention.

What is Centureon Investments?

With over a decade of industry experience within real estate in the Detroit region, Sean Tissue, CEO of Centureon Investments, leads the forward-thinking real estate investment company with a focus on the acquisition, development, investment, and management of real estate property. With a thoroughly modern mission statement, Centureon aims to allow investors to directly invest in property in a way that is somewhat similar to investing in traditional stocks, or mutual funds. Under Tissue’s leadership, Centureon aims to leverage industry expertise in order to provide real estate investors with leading knowledge, insight, and the confidence needed to garner positive returns via previously vetted proposals. The company’s personalized, customer-centric mission statement provides extensive services on behalf of investors, allowing for remote investors to benefit from bustling local rental markets.

How Centureon Investments Can Help

For real estate investors of all types, Centureon Investments can provide unparalleled services throughout the entirety of the investment process. Unlike other companies, Centureon recognizes and treats their investors as partners, and aim to work in tandem with them to leverage their expertise and provide positive returns on all investments and ventures. With the mission to satisfy the concerns of even the most seasoned investors, the expert staff at Centureon works on behalf of its investors to maximize opportunity while simultaneously minimizing risk.

For Tissue, a key component that sets Centureon Investments apart from other companies is the proactive market analysis conducted by the company. This adds an unparalleled aspect to their comprehensive approach to investment. For all new construction properties, Centureon looks at several success indicators, including population growth, rental price ratio, and rent growth potential for the upcoming five years. For the different asset types, additional microanalysis occurs, providing investors with the most comprehensive information to confidently secure investment opportunities.

In addition to this proactive business model, Centureon provides investors with ongoing investment maintenance, something that is extremely beneficial to the long-term investment success of rental property ownership. For even the most experienced investor, ongoing maintenance can create a positive long-term environment. Without expert rental maintenance, disgruntled tenants can refuse to pay rent, leave the premises, and create a high tenant turnover, all factors that limit positive returns on the investment. Thus, by keeping tenants satisfied through extensive customer service support, timely maintenance of all property concerns and other factors related to tenant happiness, Centureon provides the management services needed to leverage the best possible outcome on behalf of its investors.

While some real estate professionals are only interested in finalizing a single transaction, Sean Tissue’s Centureon remains a vested partner throughout the lifecycle of the investment. In essence, Centureon acts as a thoroughly invested liaison for all aspects of the investment process, making sure the investors’ best interests are kept in mind in relation to the success of all interactions involved in the investment process. With leading experts successfully guiding investors through each process, the team at Centureon remains committed to offering positive investment opportunities, maximizing profit, and generating an ongoing return on investment on behalf of all investors. With several thousand units under their management, Centureon has successfully leveraged industry expertise, as well as local tenant demographic needs, to do just that on the local and regional scale.

Dedicated to providing personalized, hyper-focused service on behalf of all investors, Centureon provides local services through family offices, extending the most positive aspects of localized service to all investors within various real estate markets. In addition, Centureon’s business model applies to the company’s own investments. Using the same client infrastructure within their own property ownership cycle, the team at Centureon utilizes the same tenets of maintenance that has made them so successful with their clients and investors. This serves to further propel the company’s standing as an industry leader and a go-to investment stop.

For Centureon, providing the breadth of management services that it does sets the company apart from the competition. Additionally, as the company aims to provide the most comprehensive service, Centureon’s offerings continue to grow. From helping investors find CPA services, to opening LLC services, Centureon assists investors with all aspects of successfully capturing the needed tools for investment. Adding value for investors, Centureon’s extensive services provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop for investors to maximize investment opportunity, while receiving unparalleled services from a solitary leader in the field.

Communication Is Key

As a leading provider of ongoing turnkey management services for investors, Centureon relies on the transformative power of ongoing communication to stand out ahead of the competition. For many remote investors, trusting a management company to adequately care for all tenant needs is integral to long-term success. Therefore, ensuring that the management company communicates effectively with investors remains a crucial aspect of management. Within many real estate investments, less-than-stellar communication becomes a limiting factor in tenant happiness, which can then lead to various other, potentially more disastrous issues. From tenant complaints that do not swiftly receive attention, to limited marketing efforts, poor communication can undermine a lot of work and even bring down an otherwise-healthy partnership.

Because of this, Centureon Investments prides itself on focusing on maintaining effective communication strategies, ensuring that all investor, tenant, and individual needs are met at all times. By utilizing extensive accountability efforts, experts at Centureon Investments ensure that all communication needs are met, employing various methods of professionalism to ensure this while making certain that all involved parties feel adequately informed and communicated with at all times. Similarly, transparency is key a key piece to ensuring proper, effective communication between company and investor. In this sense, Sean Tissue’s team works diligently to proactively communicate with investors regarding the ongoing status of their investments, any possible market changes, and any other pertinent information related to the health and viability of their investment.

Something For Everyone

When developing investment opportunity tiers for prospective investors, Tissue understands the importance of providing multiple opportunities, at multiple price points, for multiple potential investors. Thus, with this concept in mind, Centureon has created investment opportunities in lower entry point areas, like the Detroit market, which starts at $45,000. In addition, the company offers investments in new construction properties amongst growing regions in the realm of $175,000 to $250,000 per unit. Finally, the company also offers multi-unit complexes in the Midwest at an even higher price point of $500,000. With such varying price points for entry, Centureon offers investors with various opportunities based on their specific needs which allows them to appeal to investors of all types.

Centureon’s far-reaching portfolio allows investors to maximize profit opportunity via investment in various up-and-coming markets throughout the U.S. market. While some companies may provide turnkey real estate investment opportunities, and even ongoing maintenance options within specific regional markets, Centureon’s breadth of reach provides a unique opportunity for investors to capture opportunities within different markets. For foreign investors, Centureon’s knowledge of local markets is crucial to providing trustworthy experiences, technical know-how, and other factors related to the success of a remote investment.

Spearheading Housing And Real Estate Investment

Through a commitment to maintaining positive investor relationships on a long-term basis, as well as understanding the importance of providing unprecedented customer service to maintain these positive relationships, Centureon Investments has successfully spearheaded a movement in real estate investment throughout many major markets. CEO Sean Tissue, and the team at Centureon, are particularly proud of their track record of expanding positive housing opportunities for countless satisfied residents and investors alike within up-and-coming rental markets. They are also proud of their ability to focus on investing and maintaining properties, and even using the Centureon mission statement to rejuvenate previously ill-managed investments brought over by investors from old investment management companies. In essence, the company has grabbed the world of real estate investment by the horns and has repeatedly showcased a successful pattern for revitalizing local markets.

By communicating knowledgeably and proactively with tenants, providing excellent maintenance services, and doing everything possible to ensuring long-term tenant satisfaction, Centureon Investments is able to continue growing customer satisfaction and cementing itself as one of the top real estate investment firms. This positive reputation allows for Centureon Investments to gain the business of the highest quality renters who want to maintain a positive working relationship with the company. For real estate investors in the rental market, this translates to diminished turnover and diminished expenses that are traditionally linked to turnover, including vacancies and maintenance. For neighborhoods with a high rental rate, this cycle equates to steady tenet satisfaction, increased local spending, and added overall value to a neighborhood. Through this extensive cycle, Centureon Investments, along with their investor partners, continue to drive local market growth while creating positive, beneficial results for all parties involved. For novice and expert real estate investors alike, this level of insight and experience provides the confidence needed to take the plunge into the daunting world of personal real estate investment.

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