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Should Your Company Sell on Amazon?

Should Your Company Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular websites in America. It has a sprawling marketplace that attracts shoppers to its website by providing them with price comparisons, product reviews, and new products. As a result of its convenience and reliability, Amazon has been surpassing traditional stores such as Wal-Mart in revenue generation. Most businesses want to take advantage of this enormous market that Amazon provides. They also want to take advantage of Amazon’s speed and quality of delivery, as well as the trust it has built with consumers over time. As Jordan Sudberg says, “You must meet customers where they are.”

However, you need to consider that you will be competing not only with Amazon but other brands as well, including those that have been in the market longer than you have. As a result, Amazon’s market dominance may make other outlets difficult to compete with. Amazon also limits access to customer data which can be detrimental to the success of your company’s sales.

Jordan Sudberg says that each business needs to weigh the pros and cons of selling on Amazon before they decide to take the jump. This way, they can determine if selling on Amazon is right for their business.

Pros Of Selling on Amazon

1. Streamlined Payment Processes

This is one of the few websites that accept all types of payments. That means you can accept payments through your most popular payment provider, such as PayPal, or even credit card payments.

2. Large customer base

Amazon has over 150 million active customers. This is a huge number of potential buyers. It’s no wonder that Amazon has taken over traditional retailers such as Wal-Mart.

3. High Seller Reputation

Amazon has a reputation for being fair with its customers, making it the preferred website for almost every business. They have a strong seller rating system that rewards those who regularly sell on their platform by increasing their selling privileges.

4. Its Fulfillment by Amazon program

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that allows you to use their fulfillment centers to store your products, whether on hand or in transit. This saves you time and money as it eliminates the need to stock your storage facilities.

5. Fast delivery

Amazon is often praised for its fast and convenient shipping, with the maximum delivery time being a few days after the product is sent. This is because they’re one of the largest retailers in the world and have a huge network of delivery companies at their disposal.

6. Amazon’s Brand Recognition

Amazon has been a big name in the market for quite some time now. People are familiar with the brand, especially since it has become such a huge part of their daily lives. This means that people trust that Amazon will deliver quality products. They trust that Amazon product reviews are honest and trustworthy.

Cons of Selling On Amazon

1. Competition

Amazon provides a huge market, so it can cause retailers to have to compete with Amazon itself. This can make it difficult for other retailers to gain any sort of traction in the market, especially if they’re small businesses just starting out.

2. Customer Data Access

Amazon is famous for collecting customer data from its sellers, customers, and even from sites like Facebook. While this data is useful for selling purposes, it can also be used to identify competitors. It can even be used to pinpoint your customers’ interests, which could potentially make it easy for others to steal your customers.


According to Jordan Sudberg, the decision to sell on Amazon should be weighed carefully. While Amazon can offer you a huge customer base, you may be losing out on your own opportunities by placing your products under Amazon’s domain.