Social Intelligence in Business

Jason Rowley’s Take on Social Intelligence in Business

Social intelligence is the ability to interact with various people at their level and have meaningful conversations. To some, this capacity requires them to put in extra effort since they may feel introverted. However, Jason Rowley states that this is a skill that every business person should possess since they will interact with people from various walks of life. Whether dealing with superiors or employees, one needs to know the best way to portray oneself, when to react, and how to control the conversation. This article will guide entrepreneurs on the benefits of employing social intelligence(SI) in their daily endeavors.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts always arise when interacting with fellow entrepreneurs and employees. However, how one handles the situation can quickly determine the next step in the interaction. With SI, one can control one’s tongue, listen more, and find a suitable way to solve the conflict. If a dispute arises when striking a deal or signing a contract, someone with SI knows how to remain calm and channel their emotions appropriately. This avoids chaos and presents them as a mature candidate who can deliver even under pressure.

Long-term Relationships

Social intelligence is also beneficial in maintaining long-term associations with various stakeholders. As a business person, one comes into contact with suppliers, competitors, and mentors. How one carries themselves around them significantly determines the impression they create around these people. To maintain respect and a long-standing working relationship, one must know how to address each person at their level.

Showing respect, discussing relevant matters, and accepting reason portray one’s intelligence level. When the people one interacts with feel comfortable around them, it increases their chances of working with them in the long term. Therefore, business relationships also rely on social intelligence to flourish.

Cultural Intelligence

Every entrepreneur needs to learn to embrace various cultures and opinions. Thanks to technology and the world becoming a global village, people interact with individuals from various upbringings. No matter the difference in opinion, it is crucial that one respects the ideas that others bring on board and appreciates their diversity. Such an attitude makes it easier for businesses to succeed since it gives the company a broad market perspective. Even when one disagrees with what others are saying, it is possible to talk to them respectfully and help them understand the alternative.


Jason Rowley believes that the ultimate goal of social intelligence is to make one an effective leader. When one implements SI, one can know each person’s role on their team and how to work with them. Since a leader guides others on what to do, the rest of the team will take up the attitude they see from the top. Every entrepreneur must understand how to fit each employee in their position and allow them to operate accordingly.


Social intelligence carries along emotional intelligence and a great deal of leadership skills. When a business person learns the best way to interact with different people, they create a suitable environment for the investors, employees, and customers. Since each person will come with their attitude and needs, one has to remain calm, address the issue, and allow diversity in opinion.