Sustainable Business Ideas

Sustainable Business Ideas

Sustainability is a concept growing in popularity over the past decade. The idea of sustainability is to create a business model that is sustainable in both the short and long term. Jonathan Osler is an educator who has written extensively on sustainable business. Sustainable businesses are businesses that are environmentally friendly, economically viable, and socially responsible. These businesses contribute towards the betterment of society while remaining profitable.

He has written a few sustainable business ideas which one can implement to start a sustainable business.

Osler believes that the key to sustainable success is to create a company culture where employees feel valued and cared for. Employees who feel valued and cared for are more likely to work hard, have a positive attitude towards their work, and will be more productive. To ensure that employees feel valued and cared for, Osler suggests providing them with a strong sense of purpose. A strong sense of purpose is defined as the belief that an individual’s work has meaning and impact in the world.

Providing employees with flexibility as they can use their time efficiently when it suits them. This will help them stay motivated as they can take their time off whenever they want, which will lead to increased productivity. Osler also believes in having flexible working hours as this will help employees work when they are most productive and not when they have no energy.

Promoting a positive working environment where employees feel comfortable. Will be more likely to have a positive attitude towards their work. To create a positive work environment, Osler suggests encouraging employees to share ideas and helping them learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. This will help them become more productive as they will be able to learn from others and make better decisions.

He also believes that the company culture should be fun, encouraging creativity among employees. To create a fun company culture, Osler suggests having regular social events where employees can come together and relax after work, such as bowling, karaoke, or a picnic.

Jonathan Osler also believes in having a strong social media presence which will help employees connect with each other on a more personal level. This will help them feel comfortable as they will be able to get to know their co-workers better and become more productive as they can talk about their experiences with others.

Osler believes that the company should have an open communication policy where employees feel free to ask questions and share ideas. This will help them learn from each other and become more productive as they can make decisions based on their knowledge of the company’s operations.

Osler also believes in setting up a feedback system where employees can provide suggestions for improvements in the company’s operations. This will help employees to become more productive as they will be able to give suggestions and learn from others which will help them make better decisions.


In conclusion, Osler’s suggestions to improve productivity at a company can be applied to many different types of companies. They are applicable in any company where there is a need for employees to produce more work and meet deadlines. By implementing these suggestions, there will be an increase in productivity as employees will be more motivated and will feel more comfortable working in the company.