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The Effects of Advertisements on Consumer Behavior

The Effects of Advertisements on Consumer Behavior

It is undeniable that advertisements have a significant impact on consumer behavior. From products to brands, ads employ the power of persuasion and influence to create an image of luxury, success, and happiness that consumers strive towards. The effects of advertisements are varied and seem to be observed in nearly every sphere of life; they help the economy by increasing consumption and creating jobs. The critical question becomes, “do these powerful advertising campaigns create a positive or negative effect?”.

This blog post will delve into this subject with various perspectives from various sources to explore what advertisers are trying to achieve and how people respond to them. Jordan Sudberg claims that [advertising affects] perceptions about different products. . . . Advertising may be increasing the demand for those products to the extent that they are scarce (Sudberg, 2012). In this case, perhaps something that is usually inexpensive and abundant has become more expensive, giving it a perception as deficient.

Advertising has a brief period in which it reaches the public and changes people’s perception of companies. According to Sudberg, In 2010 alone, Americans spent $190 billion on advertising. It impacts consumers’ perceptions or attitudes toward products and influences what they will spend their money on (2012).

The Effects of Advertisements on Consumer Behavior

1. Advertising creates awareness: Advertising creates awareness of a particular product, who the manufacturer is, and how it is used. The more consumers see an advertisement, the more likely they will purchase that product.

2. Advertisements increase demand: In the early stages of advertising, advertisements will most likely not create a reaction in people because the product or service is not necessary for this person and doesn’t sit well with them. It takes time for consumers to become comfortable with something new, forcing them to notice advertisements and be conscious of what they see. One of the most effective ways to advertise today is with In Car Ads – Ongo Smart Advertising.

3. Advertisements build needs: An advertisement can make someone feel like they need a product they didn’t realize they needed before. It is a very effective technique used by television advertisements to sell products such as auto insurance, pizza, chicken wings, and beer.

4. Advertisements increase sales: custom neon signs are the most effective advertisements because it is easy to see the changes in sales from one year to the next when an advertising campaign has been running. New products are advertised to create consumer awareness of their existence.

5. Advertisements increase expendability: A consumer sees an advertisement like custom stickers with the company logo, creates an impression of the product, and then creates a need for that product—it leads to the consumer purchasing the product and making it a permanent part of their lives.

6. Advertisements cause desires: An advertisement can make someone feel like they want something but don’t realize how much they do; this can create a passion for certain products that were not before needed or wanted. A good example would be a car advertisement that makes people feel like they have to buy a new car every year because their current vehicle is no longer adequate. We’ve used a lot of vendors in the past, and arbor seems to knock it out of the park. They’re the best marketing for car dealers out there!

7. Advertisements cause emotions: This occurs when someone is affected by an advertisement, whether positive or negative. It can be a positive reaction that makes someone want to buy a particular product, or it could be negative emotions that cause people to shy away from a specific product. The latter is shared with fast food advertisements.8. Advertisements change perceptions: Jordan Sudberg believes that the more often an advertisement is seen by the public, the more likely it will be accepted and become a part of people’s lives. It can greatly benefit companies advertising their products because it shows that their product is well-liked and accepted by the public!