The Future of Politics

The Future of Politics

Politics is an ancient form of government. It has been around for centuries, and it will be here to stay. In the past two years since my undergraduate education, I have studied the history of politics and how it is changing and adapting to our developing world. As a political bystander, I am about to discuss current issues and present my view on specific aspects of politics in America, especially during this upcoming election. My opinions are from being in the political science field for two years; however, anyone can relate and share their opinion on these topics.

The primary theme of this opinion is Jordan Sudberg‘s future of politics. I will analyze his article and the issues he has discussed to support my point of view on what he has outlined in his article. This is an opinion piece, so I will not be citing scholarly sources for most topics or situations.

Political parties: Jordan states that political parties have always been a part of American politics and that this will only continue to be so (p.13). Media coverage has shown voters searching for a more stable political candidate. Partisan divisions are growing as well. It is more common now to see candidates from the same party elected. The adage “opposing sides have far more in common than they do in differences” (p.14) does not seem to be the case any longer. Political Parties are an essential part of politics. They will always be a part of American politics, but their importance must be examined from a new perspective because of current changes in the parties within our country.

Essentialism: Jordan Sudberg describes the essentialism of elections (p.14). He states that elections are not decided by the candidates alone but by how they appeal to the voters and what they can offer. This election is different from most elections. It is filled with candidates that have been in the media for a long time, so it will be interesting to see how this election turns out in November. The voters must wade through their information and decide who they feel best represents them.

Personal politics: Jordan Sudberg describes how people act towards politics (p.16). He states that people are full of opinions and that these opinions should be viewed as sustaining our democracy (p.16). This author believes that even though personal political views are not always the same, people should still try to get involved in politics and make educated decisions about what candidates will protect their freedoms and future.

This article provides the reader with information on politics’ past, present, and future. Everyone has different opinions about how politics is changing or should change; however, it can be said that the ultimate goal of politics is a type of justice for everyone involved. This means working for positive change within the society, not just the government. Politics is constantly changing in America and will continue to do so. As Jordan has written, it is essential to be knowledgeable about not only current events but also historical events to understand and make sense of what is currently happening in political affairs and what will be happening tomorrow.