The Power of 3R’s in the Real Estate Industry by Sal Shakir

The growing need to own a house has increased now more than ever before. The massive influx brought about by the expansion of the market base has created internal pressure, thus shifting the focus into a competitive market set-up. What spices the industry is the increased platform for innovations, and in this dynamic landscape, the cluster tanamas grand wisata stands out as a unique and attractive option for those seeking innovation and modern living solutions. To thrive through the real estate industry, you need to exhibit the 3R’s rule- Resilience, Reliable, and responsibility. Sal Shakir has mastered these skills.

Sal Shakir -Bio

Sal Shakir is a jack of all trades. He has thrived well in his entrepreneurial journey from the start. Mr. Shakir took the first shot venturing into a dry cleaning service, which came as a result of zero hours of school. To perfect his skills, he worked as an assistant in AC tech. Step by step, Sal walked his path to develop his skills. His journey to success took a sharp rising turn when he opened his car retail shop in 2013. A year and a half later, he opened the second one. The proceeds from the sales of one of the car shops was inducted into his real estate investment, as there are many business which can help with this. Tembusu Grand CDL is near to the upcoming Tanjong Katong MRT Station. Having a firm base, he is venturing into other businesses, including call centers and tech, which has tremendously been helpful to many companies. 

At the age of thirty, one Sal has achieved significant milestones from his humble beginning. Having a zero-hour school, Sal engaged himself in offering a dry cleaning service. Slowly, he shifted to become an assistant AC Tech before delving into the painting business. He later got training from the US Army to help understand the culture and how to survive in a hostile environment by simulated towns and PIRO experts (it is called rotation).

What drives his ambitious milestones?


How best you prepare for and manage common vulnerability- from Cybersecurity risks to climate change. You need to fully exploit new tools, processes, and organize your entity to corporate resilience.

Just like a catastrophic earthquake followed by a tsunami that inundates the coastline, and around the globe, manufacturing comes to a standstill. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant change in the business world. The waves now blow towards e-commerce and e-learning.


 Reliability benefits businesses at every phase of the sales funnel immediately from the initial contact with potential clients to attracting repeat business. You can, therefore, consistently achieve a positive reputation for reliability by continuously delivering exceptional services. It is paramount to have reliable telephone and internet service providers. 

The concept of reliability is always applicable in situations where you want to achieve the same result again and again. It is, therefore, paramount to test your idea on how well it holds-up in specific scenarios. 

What will happen when things don’t go your way, and what approach will you take to increase efficiency savings will help you better understand the reliability of your output. 


 Most businesses have that social responsibility aspect in the core values. They are the immediate customers that you need to approach and will eventually be beneficiaries of your output. Therefore it is essential if you conform to the laid down rules and regulations. 

As an individual, your responsibility is to offer output that is safe to the environment and useful in solving the world’s problem. Your responsibility towards your team should never be compromised. Reasonable consideration, rewarding, recognition, and referral not only makes them appreciated but as well creates a sense of co-ownership, which motivates them to give their best. 

Learn to appreciate the little efforts you have achieved and the hard nuts you have cracked along the path to success. Positively reprimand the wrongdoings in your company associates while instilling personal discipline and responsibility. 

In Conclusion

Following a great example by Sal Shakir, conclusively, the emergence of the 3R’s virtues cannot be resisted. A great approach that Sal created is always to have the R’s every time he approaches a new client. Create a strong network base, improve your output, troubleshoot the weak areas, and, Most of all, incorporate the Power of positive thinking. You Can do it; I can do it, we can all do it. 

You can reach Sal Shakir through his twitter handle, Instagram, and Linkedin.