The Untold Story of Nenad Korof- Immigrant Hustle, Cryptocurrency, Business And A Whole Lotta’ Millions

Nenad “Neno” Korof is a Serbian-Canadian serial entrepreneur, trader, mentor, philanthropist, angel investor. Earning the nickname “Money With Neno” from his homerun profitable trades and money- Nenad shows that despite the luxury purchases, Lamborghini and penthouse- he still remains as humble and down to earth. Having launched Advance Cryto Academy– The #1 Online Platform in North America for Crypto and Forex Trading with 16,000 members till date and increasing more each day-he discusses the tough times and the successes that got him to where he is today.

It hasn’t been an easy ride for him. The son of immigrant parents with his mother working during the night while his father started a construction/renovation business due to the fact the family left during a war in 1992- Nenad understood the value of hard work and money at an early age. Having big dreams at an early age, he would help his father out at his shop for free and that exposed him to the lavish mansions and lifestyle of the uber rich- from 20-30,000 sqft mansions to gold plated ceilings and architecture-he was amazed by this lifestyle and aspired to achieve that.

During high school, while not being the most popular- he was not interested in the menial gossip and small talk. He attended college but dropped out after 2 months realizing the traditional education system was not for him; plus, he states “My professors don’t have the lifestyle that I have so why should I listen to them? If you have results and can teach me, I am open to listening” To discover how to be rich, he came across the books “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and Think and Grow Rich which opened up his mind to the mindset of the wealthy.

At the age of 19- he became the youngest person in the head office of a company to generate $2.2 million in revenue and Nenad’s take home pay? $50,000 after taxes. He still continued to help his parents out with mortgage payments and other bills but he realized that all his income was going to cover his expenses and he wasn’t able to save money. He knew that there had to be a better way than this. He was introduced to network marketing and with his 1st company he experienced minimal success and later joined another one where he saw the power of residual income and the power of leveraging- he was earning $1,000/month at the time from this opportunity but it still wasn’t enough to live the life he desired.

One day while at work, he asked himself “Do I want to be staring at a screen for the next 50 years of my life and be miserable?”

Being an innate risk taker Nenad states “I am willing to die for my dreams. I would rather take a chance and fail in the process vs dying and not taking a chance at all”

One day while scrolling through Instagram, he came across a rich person and decided to message him asking about his profession. The person invited Nenad for a meeting and he was introduced to the world of Forex Trading.

He started trading but was unsuccessful for the first 3 years and after a string of personal and legal problems which led him to being $50K in debt, he decided to take a break from Forex and MLM and open a brick and mortar business.

His first venture was a landscaping business and even though he was making money- he didn’t like the idea of working long hours and trading time for money so he moved onto opening a shisha lounge. While that was profitable, the long hours and monotonous work flow dissuaded him from continuing the business- in addition problems with the landlord made operating the establishment difficult and not enjoyable so he decided to close it.

He had to figure out how to trade forex. He understood the potential of it because if there were already people that were succeeding and making millions so there was no reason why he couldn’t replicate it. One day, he had an “aha” moment and understood the main principle of trading:

“90% of trading is psychology and 10% is analytics”

That’s when Nenad’s growth accelerated from his first big month of $12K to finally clearing millions. He reflects on what he had told himself that by the age of 23- he wanted a million dollars and a super car. 1 week before the age of 23, he purchased a gold Lamborghini.

People started reaching out to asking about his profession and how they can achieve success like he did. He partnered with a Forex MLM company to launch their services in Canada and help with the expansion. Nenad, later launched a service called CPS(Copy Profit Share) where students can copy his trades in real time and be profitable while allowing people the opportunity to earn residual income for having people sign up their friends and people that were looking for financial freedom.

In early 2017, having discovered Trade Wise to understand BTC and being approached by his lawyer and friend- Nenad decided to dive deep in the backend and the technical side of bitcoin and blockchain. He understood its potential and a friend introduced him to a business associate who turned $6,000-$32M through the power of trading cryptocurrencies. In 9 months, Nenad earned his first million trading cryptocurrencies and now people seek council from him and his star students on master the crypto markets which also led him to start Advanced Crypto Academy to allow people to learn the psychology and analytics behind the financial markets- whether that be crypto or forex.

He explains his vision and grant ambition to be a billionaire by 30 and become a motivational thought leader and teach people psychology and program their minds for greatness. He believes, if you want it bad enough and apply the knowledge- you can really get it. Nenad discusses that he wants to start working on exciting projects in innovating technologies and solve the world’s 2 biggest problems: war and hunger. He goes on to mention that all of the world problems stems from 2 things- social norms and power. With great power comes great responsibility but the reality is people misuse the power instead of using it for the greater good of humanity.