Top 3 Life Lessons

In life, there are some important lessons that a person will learn. Father George Rutler knows that as a person gets older and they grow they will have a lot of new experiences both positive and negative. Rutler knows that these experiences can change a person. These are three important life lessons that a person should know.

1. Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

This is one lesson that people have hard but they may not realize true it is until they get told. People may think that having a lot of money will make them happy. While it is important to have a job and earn a good income, having money alone does not mean a person will be happy. They may have money but they may be alone and miserable. Money will not solve problems in life. There are many people that live on a meager income but they are happy. They are rich with love from friends and family. Money and having a lot of times does not mean a person will be happy. It is more important to have love and companionship than useless items.

2. Not Everyone Will Be Pleased

If a person spends their day trying to please everyone nothing will get done. While a person should act with kindness they should not base every action they do base on what others want. People want to be liked and accepted but a person cannot compromise their integrity based on others. No matter what they do there will always be someone that does not approve. A person should act respectfully but they need to stand up for their values. If someone does not like it they should focus the time on the positive people and be around them.

3. A Person Will Not Get Everything That They Want

Even with hard work and dedication, a person will not get everything that they want in life. There are times that no matter how much work they did or tried as hard for something they will not get what they wanted. They need to realize this would happen and that it is okay. Everyone has expectations and an idea of what they want their life to look like. Things may not turn out exactly as planned. Sometimes life has another path for a person. Things may not work out as expected and life plans may change. A person needs to realize this and they will need to accept it. This can mean that another opportunity has opened up and they should embrace it.

These are three important life lessons that Father George Rutler believes a person will need to learn. Some of these lessons will take some time and will not be learned right away. As a person gets older and they have more experiences they will learn these life lessons and understand them. A person can then look back at the life they had and appreciate the things that they did experience.