Turmoil in South Sudan (An Open Letter)

Dear your Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit the president of the republic of South Sudan (RSS),

Dear Dr Riek Machal leader of rebels,

          I hope you are fine, and now you can sleep peacefully after signing a peace agreement in Ngurdoto Tanzania. I salute you. True, the whole region welcomes this breakthrough. May God add grandeur and blessings.  Reaching such a juncture after fighting for a long time is recommendable and welcome, especially, for the people of South Sudan. I understand. You both, hand-in-hand, fought for the emancipation of your esteemed nation referred to as the youngest nation of the world which it is. Again, you country is young but you are not.  This being the case, your maturity is an asset for the young nation shall you respect those signatures you appended on the agreement recently. Please, live up to your words.

          Ngurdoto accord is the third. Prior you signed two accords you ended up breaking. I implore you.  Please, no failure of the accord should be repeated. Africans have it that strong evidence stands three times. Three times becomes a good number in order to give a person the atmosphere of learning from his mistakes. I hope this applies to you. Therefore, this last or third time you appended your signatures, shall be violated, it means, you will be sending your noble and young nation to purgatory wantonly and pointlessly. It should nary happen. The blood you shed during fighting for your nation wasn’t in vain. But the blood shed due to your difference, if bloodletting isn’t stopped, will haunt all of you so much so that whatever any of you aspires for in power won’t become meaningful or successful. Human blood is different from the blood of animal’s. It is sacred and blessed. It is not supposed to be spilled without any necessity or reason.

          Gentlemen, when you gained your independence through separation after fighting for decades, we, your brothers and sisters were happy. We knew the lengthier and tougher thoroughfare you journeyed to reach at the point of breaking away. We evidenced your torments, ire, angst and predicaments. We were thrilled when you fulfilled your dream of becoming a nation. Again, when you turned noble guns you used to fight for the nation against one another, those who tortured you and despised us for celebrating your rebirth, were happy some telling , “You see, these guys can`t do anything for themselves.”   They kept singing the same song of calling others slaves and many more bad names. Please, stay put in the vision of making a peaceful nation by avoiding warring pointlessly.

          Gentlemen, I full understand the responsibility you have on your shoulders for both sides. Please don’t allow trivial and tribal sentimentalities drift you away for the peril of the nation. Those brothers and sisters, who, for three times, offered to mediate, have a lot of things to do. They won’t get time every time you fight. Don’t make them become tired of you. Use them to forge ahead instead of wasting time fighting and causing mayhem pointlessly. The world will laugh at you when your people starve and face stagnation economically, politically and socially. Please sit together and devise how to utilize the gifts of resources God gave you. Please show your patriotism and the lesson you got from past mistakes. Reinvent your image as people and a nation by shunning tribalism, regionalism, cynicism and other trivial things. Time will nary wait for you especially at this time the world is running while you butchering one another. Wars have nary built any empire save to bring it to its knees. This is not the way to go for wise and courageous people like you.

          Gentlemen, the women of South Sudan are tired of burying their children and husbands. Children are tired of burying their fathers. People are tired of burying their kinships. Even birds and other wild animals are tired of hearing gun shots. South Sudan is crying wanting you to heal her from megalomania of in-fighting and greed for power. South Sudan is whining and shrieking for her children. She is bleeding to death due to the injuries inflicted by her own children. Who bewitched you brothers? God created one South Sudan for all of you equally. Therefore there won’t be any South Sudan for some of you by excluding others. God doesn’t apply  Exclusionary edict or apartheid. South Sudan is for all Shuluk, Kakwa, Dinka, Didinga, Nuer, Luo, Toposa, Lotuho and all other communities equally regardless the size of the  population of one community compared to another or others. You fought for the nation as one people. You will always live as one people.  Your motto should be:  South Sudan, One people instead of South Sudan, Many People or Divided Communities. It doesn’t work and it can’t work.  The leitmotif of war doesn’t help anything except dressing you down.


          Allow me to end up here saying, enough is enough. This time prove your detractors wrong as you make your people happy and safe in a peaceful country.

Long Live South Sudan

South Sudan, One People

South Sudan, One Spirit

South Sudan, One Body

South Sudan, One Mission

South Sudan, One Destiny

That is my contribution.