Unleashing the Power of Independent Pharmacy: Patti Mara’s Path to Empowering Teams and Achieving Business Success

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the healthcare industry, independent pharmacies often face difficulties standing out and thriving. However, some visionary leaders like Patti Mara are revolutionizing these businesses’ operations. Patti Mara is a passionate advocate for locally owned enterprises with a mission to empower independent pharmacies and unlock their full potential. Through her distinctive approach to team engagement and business strategy, Patti Mara has become a driving force behind the success of numerous locally-owned pharmacies.

About Patti Mara

Patti Mara is a renowned expert in team engagement training and business consulting. She closely collaborates with small businesses, primarily in the retail and service sectors, specifically independent pharmacies. Patti recognizes these businesses’ challenges, as they are often commoditized and undervalued in the market. Her expertise is helping pharmacy owners and their teams clearly define their unique value proposition and comprehend why customers choose them over larger chains. By harnessing the power of team engagement, Patti assists pharmacies in creating a purpose-driven and collaborative environment that sets them apart from the competition.

The Path to Empowering Team Engagement

Patti Mara’s approach to team engagement training is comprehensive and transformative. Her 12-week program is tailored specifically for pharmacy teams, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their roles. The program comprises weekly video resources, quizzes, and live calls that support and reinforce the training process.

The initial four weeks concentrate on helping team members understand their roles and the significance of their contributions to the pharmacy. They learn to identify their patients and customers, understand their needs, and effectively communicate the pharmacy’s unique value proposition.

Moving into the second month, the training demonstrates how team members can deliver exceptional value in the marketplace. They delve into various aspects of branding, both on-stage and off-stage, and learn to create a consistent and valuable customer experience. Patti guides them in recognizing the distinction between tasks and results, emphasizing the importance of how they perform their duties. The Program also introduces the difference between fault vs problem, and that while many issues may not be their fault, if it impacts their patient – it is their problem. This creates a team empowered problem solving approach to patient issues. 

Patti brings everything together in the third month by providing a straightforward recipe for team members to follow. They learn to position themselves as trusted solution partners, consistently creating patient value. The program concludes with a comprehensive review of common retail rules and challenges in the pharmacy industry, ensuring that the team thoroughly understands the concepts covered throughout the training.

Transformation and Results: 

The impact of Patti Mara’s team engagement program is profound. Participating pharmacies experience measurable results, including improved team retention and engagement. When team members fully comprehend their purpose and the impact they can have on patients’ lives, they become more motivated and collaborative. The positive changes in team dynamics and communication translate into an enhanced patient experience, leading to increased sales and profitable growth for the pharmacy. Moreover, the program fosters a shift in the overall culture of the pharmacy, instilling a sense of pride and purpose among team members.