YouTube to MP3 Converters: Getting approval for a copyrighted video

Using a YouTube to MP3 converter is legal as long as you are getting audio from a public domain, the content is yours, or you received permission from the copyright owner. It may seem intimidating to get permission from a copyright owner, there are five steps to follow so you stay out of any legal issues. So before you go using a YouTube download tool, make sure you understand everything you ned to know.

Step 1: Understand if you need permission. 

As mentioned earlier, if the video is yours or it is in the public domain then you don’t need permission you can just go ahead and use the mp4 YouTube converter. If the owner of the video has a copyright on the material, then you will need permission. 

If the uploader included a link for download, then you are able to use the audio. 

Step 2: Find the owner. 

If you do need permission, then you will need to find and ask the owner for permission. In order to find the owner, look for the name of the account that uploaded the video underneath it. You can click the name of the account and it will take you to their page. 

Once you are on their page you can subscribe to their page and get notifications about their videos. You can also see more in the “About” tab and how to contact the owner of the page (some may even offer links to other apps such as Instagram and Facebook). 

Step 3: Find the rights that you need. 

An exclusive permission agreement means that only you have the right to use a product (meaning you could download a YouTube video to MP3 format, but only you can use it). In nonexclusive agreements, then others can use the material the same as you (you and your friends can use it). 

Step 4: Discuss payment

Copyright owners may want you to pay for the rights to use their services (in this case, audio). This is a conversation between you and the original poster. You may have to pay a one-time fee, a recurring fee, or no fees and expenses at all. 

For example, you may have to pay a fee of $100 to download, then $0.10 for every time you use it in the first year. Or it could just be the one time $100 fee. This money for the owner would be considered royalties. 

Step 5: Get it all written down. 

It’s important to get the agreement in writing so both parties have access to the agreement. That way if the owner tries to say you need to pay again or give the rights back, you can use the agreement to protect yourself. This agreement should be acknowledged and signed from both parties. 

Working with the uploader to come to an agreement so that you can convert their video is the best way to obtain the audio you want, without involving legal issues. Once you’ve accomplished all steps congratulations! You are now the owner of the audio (or a copy of it).