3 Guest Issues Which Can be Taken Care Of By A Visitor Management Program

Whenever you organise an event or even during normal hours and normal workdays it’s very easy to find employees and guests going through a lobby filled with guests. With such a rush every day, it’s important that the guests get treated well and that it’s a very optimal experience for them. So whether you work in a little office that will host someone who is important or whether you work on a huge firm that is welcoming some of the biggest hotshots or perhaps an important client, it’s important to make the guest visit ideal. This is the way you will be able to create a successful visit. 

But while planning this, it’s important to give due importance to the time constraints of these people. After all, they do tend to be very busy. Another problem that is quickly faced by small businesses is that they might not even have the facilities of a fully staffed and operational front desk. In such a situation it becomes very difficult for the guests to be welcomed well. If you are facing this problem too then no worries, the VMS or Visitor Management System is here to take care of it all. It’s a very effective system which can ensure that every visitor goes back with a good experience which they will talk about. This kind of service makes clients stick around or come back for later projects. But organizations do tend to disregard such facilities commonly. They don’t take into account these common guest problems: 

  • Guests getting lost

If someone is new to your building, they are bound to get lost in the myriad pathways just like you probably did on your first visit to your office. When people aren’t able to find where they want to go, they tend to panic, create anxiety, call others up, etc. This creates a very bad experience for the guest. It also prevents them from delivering their best speech, presentation, or such. After all, they will be busy trying to figure out how to go to and then navigate the place. If this is a common occurrence in the parties hosted by your firm then it’s simply due to the visitor’s procedures being very confusing. But this whole issue can be solved by putting a good VMS like ilobby’s sign-in app. It will be able to set up texts, emails, alerts, and such so that your guests get all the necessary information to carry out a successful visit. 

Such messages and alerts can very well be fully customized to properly suit up your needs. The messages can have information in regards to how to arrive, where the guest can get coffee, where they can park, which way to enter, what they will need to show at the gates, how to navigate once inside the building, and such. This will certainly make the visit less stressful for your guests. 

  • Waiting guests

One of the major problems which are faced very commonly is unprepared hosts. What if your staff isn’t ready for the guests. This can be a very awkward and unwanted situation for you. As everyone knows, you shouldn’t keep a guest waiting around. It creates a bad impression for the whole company. But if your staff gets stuck in work or traffic then these things are unavoidable. But you still need to keep your guest happy for the time being till the designated host arrives. This Visitor Management system can help too. They can get rid of the waiting and lonely guest. For this, these apps like the ilobby sign in-app will be sending out automated alerts that will inform you when your guest has entered the premises. This alert can be triggered when the visitor is at the receptionist or a kiosk. Such information will help create a more wholesome experience for the guest. 

  • Still-there guests

In every event, many members of the staff are left to wonder if a specific guest is still present on the site or not. After all, a good reception for an event is done when the guests are escorted out carefully as well. But sometimes there is confusion and this can create panic. If a high profile guest is still in the lobby and you will have to send in staff to take care of them. But if you aren’t sure of this information then it will just lead to the wastage of time, effort and staff. All thereof which are needed to conduct a good event. 

To prevent this, ilobby’s sign in app has a solution and that is to get rid of the issues by having a sign-out process along with the sign-in process. This signing out process will inform staff which guests have left so that they can carry out their operations effectively. 

As such, these are the major issues that are related to guests that can be solved easily by using a visitor management system. It will make you and your staff’s life easier. But more importantly, your guests will get a well rounded, wholesome experience.