MAGFAST Review and Consumer Device Demands

When we talk about optimizing device chargers, we aren’t just talking about improving convenience. Chargers are not known for their environmental friendliness. But the fact remains: we all have charging devices, whether for our phones, tablets, watches, or all of the above. Consumers deserve device chargers that they can take pride in, yet so few manufactures are meeting that demand. Furthermore, fewer and fewer companies seem able to meet consumer demands for speed and efficiency in device charging. Despite an ever-advancing electronics field, chargers and wall outlets have yet to be optimized for mobile devices.

MAGFAST is a company that specializes in revolutionary chargers for your mobile devices, having stepped in to provide much-needed device-optimal products. The company’s electronics have done away largely with the annoyingly flimsy cords that break soon after purchase. They connect to domestic walls or cars with ease and charge rapidly. And best of all, for every single MAGFAST product sold, a tree is planted – to date over a ¼ of a MILLION trees!    

Portability, Speed, Compatibility, Magnets

The average family has upwards of 13 different devices in one home, often requiring different charger types. Whether you’re on your own or sharing a home with your family, consumers have a number of considerations when selecting electronics. For starters, device users are frequently on the go, meaning that – whether they’re in a car, at the office, or shopping – they can’t have their phone dying left and right. Portability is key in our modern age.

But portability alone isn’t good enough. A device is hardly useful if it has to spend hours charging. Consumers need a charger that works quickly and gets their devices back up and running. But so often, it isn’t just one device that needs charging. It’s your phone, your tablet, and maybe even your watch, all at once. MAGFAST’s products have been tailored to address all of these concerns, and they do so using state-of-the-art magnetics, and deliver charge with the best protection and cord housing.

In a five-star review, Xavier Miller had this to say about MAGFAST and the company’s regard for its customers: “MAGFAST has consistently communicated its vision and intent, while thoroughly managing expectations due to the exceedingly high standard [it is] maintaining. Based on what I see in the weekly updates, my expectations will be exceeded. On another note, most [of the] times I’ve communicated with MAGFAST [have] been to commend [the company] on a stellar job, comment on an extraordinary improvement, or simply to lend support. None of my communication needed a response. [The team] responded every single time, without fail, very, very quickly, professionally, and thoroughly. What an incredibly unique, refreshing gem of a company.”

The Products

MAGFAST Wall is ideal for at-home users, allowing multiple devices to charge simultaneously. Its design prioritizes the placement of its multiple charging ports, allowing users to charge multiple devices at once with a single charger that sits flush against the wall.

MAGFAST Road is the cousin to the Wall. It functions in a similar way but with the ability to be used in cars and on the go. MAGFAST Life is ideal for portability and all around general use, with users able to take the lightweight body with them on the go for easy charging anywhere. It’s bigger brother MAGFASt Extreme is even powerful enough to jump start your car. And MAGFAST Air, which pairs with any of the other family members is also perfect on your desk or kitchen counter. In addition to its innovative products, MAGFAST partners with Trees for the Future to plant seven trees for every MAGFAST Pro Kit it sells. They also employ expert tree services, like those with ArborPro Tree Experts logo, to ensure the proper maintenance of the planted trees.

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