5 Reasons Why Parents Are Home Schooling

While the majority of children attend a school of some sort, there are parents who have both the time and the inclination to educate their child at home, and this provides benefits for both parent and child. Let’s take a look at the driving forces behind home schooling.

  1. A Better Standard of Education – A parent may feel that they themselves, can offer their child a better, all-round education, and there are some areas in Australia where you would have a rather limited choice regarding schools. When a parent wishes to educate their child at home, permission must be sought by the state, and by following their guidelines, your son or daughter would be given written tests every few months, and the child must reach a given set of grades, otherwise the state would request that the child return to regular school.
  2. Eliminating Negative Input – When you home school your child, you are in complete control over what your child sees, hears and does, and many parents have had bad experiences when their child was bullied or teased, and this could be enough for a parent to turn to home schooling. Children don’t always mix with the right groups, and bad influence could take your child down a different road, and if the parents feel strongly that their child is being exposed to bad influence, home schooling is one option.
  3. Essential Life Skills – Let’s face it, there are many things that we don’t learn at school, and if you want to home school, check out https://grocorp.net.au/planning–design-service where you can design the layout of your classroom and have the furniture made you to exact specifications. We often forget that part of the role of a parent is to prepare the child for independence, and the sooner you start to show them how to do things and give them hands-on experience, the better. Kids soak up knowledge like a sponge, and you can teach your child how to repair their bicycle, or introduce them to vehicle maintenance, depending, of course, on age.
  4. Time – More and more people are launching their own business and if you are a digital nomad, you would have the time to educate your child, and as education is critical for a successful career, some parents feel they can a better job than a state or private school. It isn’t only your child that will learn from home schooling, as you would have to be very organised and would also learn a lot about teaching, learning alongside your child.
  5. Nurture a Life-long Love of Learning – This is one of the most important goals for any parent, and if you are the one teaching your child, you can be sure that your son or daughter has not only a love of learning, but is also equipped with the tools for self-learning. Set the bar high and your child will rise to the occasion, and with one-on-one tuition, you can really make progress and reach standards that far exceed a regular school’s average.

If you would like to look into the possibility of educating your child at home, contact your local state who will provide all the information you need.